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Closed July outdoors activity contest

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FoE Team
Co-Community Manager
In the spirit of the wildlife event that has taken place in the month of July, tell us about your favorite outdoor activity / adventure. Is it interacting with animals and nature? Is it taking part is outdoor sports like volleyball or baseball? Is it just enjoying scenic views and the wonder of nature? We would love to hear about It!

In 100 to 150 words, tell us all about your favorite outdoor activity and why it is your favorite. 2 winners will be randomly chosen to win 1000 diamonds each.

  1. 2 winners will be randomly chosen to win 1000 diamonds each.
  2. The winners must have an active account on the International English (EN) server to be awarded a prize.
  3. Entries must contain 100 to 150 words or they will not be counted.
  4. Only entries posted on this thread will be counted.
  5. Any entry made after the close time will be removed.
  6. There is to be only one entry per player, and any player who places more than one entry will be disqualified.
  7. All forum rules apply.
  8. The Community Management Team is the final arbiter of the rules.
The contest will run from July 17th 2022 until July 24th 2022 9:00 pm server time.




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Miss Tree

Blending in to the scenery is how I best enjoy nature, especially when I have my camera. I love the contrast of colors, especially on a rainy or cloudy day—the green more vibrant than on a sunny day. I love watching birds and trying to capture their colors or actions, I love complaining about how tired I am on my way up somewhere only to want to stay a week at the top and enjoy the magnificent view of a beautiful horizon. I climbed Mount Fuji and watched a storm from above the clouds, how often do we get to experience that? (Not enough.) I love watching the fog roll over cliffs and hills, moving like water compared to a cloud that swallows us from the ground. I would absolutely stay out all night and watch bats swarm and star gaze at the universe. Nature is gorgeous and wild.
My favourite is football, it is a team sport like some features in FoE, everyone plays a role in the team and contribute to the team's success. There are also training for new players, manager of the team, captain of the team, leader characters within the team, plus many other aspects to make the team successful (like running a guild). To me it is also an all season sport as I can play football anytime of the year no matter it is 30+ degrees or -20 degrees outdoor. To win will require both dedication and spirits to beat not only the opponents and also the outdoor weather condition.


My favourite outdoor activity has to be cycling. Enjoying lots of fresh air and keeping fit. Cycling all year round enables you to see and experience the changing seasons, not always enjoyable when it rains or freezing cold but it is essential to keep those legs turning to maintain fitness. Once of the beaten track on quieter roads you really start to appreciate nature, spotting wild animals and hearing bird song while cycling along makes you feel at one with nature. I have also been able to take part in a few charity bike rides which have been enjoyable, making friends and giving to the community. All this because of a simple bicycle, I would recommend it to anyone.
My favourite outdoor activity is hitting the hiking trails through the mountains. Embarking on adventures on scaresly travelled trails through the mountains not travelled by many hikers. Getting into contact with nature as intended from from the beginning of creation. Navigating by the natural elements of stars, sun and wind, as well as with the aid of a good compass and a good map. Always studying the topography of the mountain range and valleys in between before hand and carefully plotting my route, always advising third parties of my intentions, route and time to travel. Trail blazing is my most favourite form of hiking. Meaning that there is no real man made trail, following only deer trails or trails forged by other critters, or cutting a trail of my own with the least poissible destructionto the environment. I love roughing it while I hike sleeping in the open under the starts or building an unobtrusive and non invasive rudimentary shelter when there is inclement weather. I always destroy these shelters when I move on so as to leave the spot untouched as far as possible. I so love comining unexpectedly upon a grazing deer or wild critter or bird. I wish I could just leave the whole unnatural man made world behind and forever disappear into the wild frontier that is still out there. The call of the wild is so beautiful and remains so dear to me. Sigh!
I had to think for this one. One favourite outdoor activity out of so many to enjoy. I would have to go with bush walking. Also called hiking in some parts of the world. It gets me out and about with the family, I can take some amazing photos and can usually set my own pace. There's the chance of meeting new and interesting people, stumbling across hidden gems of waterfalls, rock pools or unknown trails and even amazing animal encounters. Sports are fine, climbing, abseiling, biking, and so on are all OK, but a good bushwalk with family, that's my choice.

Marjoram Blackstump.
East Nagach.


I have a son who is sixteen years old and we like to go fishing together. We always find new spots around the main land of Greece but occasionally we visit the greek islands to find new spots for fishing. We prefer to stay on land when fishing but on our visits on the islands you can find small boat owners who are willing to take you with for boat trip, so we use that as well. It is very crucial to bring water and snacks with you when on the boat and always wear a hat, cause the heat is high in the summer. If we manage to have a good catch, we take it to a local family restaurant and they will cook them for us. All the above is a nice way to bond with the people you love and make new friends! Have a nice day.


Hiking in the Rocky Mountains between Alberta and BC is at once the most strenuous and the most rewarding activity for me in July of any year. Any earlier and snow or thundershowers will endanger the hiker, any later and animal encounters become frequent enough to discourage me. The views, the mountain meadows of wildflowers, the odd wild berry, and the crisp mountain air combine with the scents of cedar and pine to refresh the body and the spirit. Talk of, or sedentary practices, to maintain mental wellness do little for me but an energetic walk in that nearby splendor of creation retunes both my body and my soul. The other months of the year will find me in the foothills or in the valleys or in city parks but in July only the mountains will do.

Toma 1972

Being a kid of 70’s, I have a profound liking for outdoor sports.
My favorite outdoor sport is tennis. Whenever I have some leisure time, I spend that time playing tennis with my friends and brothers. We play tennis in our local tennis club. It is very good physical exercise and it keeps me fit and healthy.
In my opinion, outdoor activities are very important part of our life as they relieve pressure and build stamina. They also teach us good moral lessons. They keep one motivated and active. Besides these advantages, they can help us making new friends.
I think outdoor activities change our inner feelings and relax us so much that we may never feel or experience while staying indoor.


My outdoor activities for 2022 closely resembles the FoE Wildlife event.
I have a small house in the country side with a field of some 2 hectare for seeds and vegetables.
I work this land solely by hand tools, mostly of my own design much like done in the medieval times.
My user name is taken from the historical records of my own ancestry dating back to high medieval times in Sweden.
All of which took a live action form of experience this year as I now find myself walking among deer, rabbits, foxes and the occasional hawk flying above.

This concludes my entry using precisely 100 words not counting this final sentence.


Too old & chronically arthritic for sports. My favourite thing to do is to get into the car with my Hubby be driven down to a Marina in our local area. It is in a Government Nature Reserve. We take a packed lunch & stop off at a Cafe just near the entry to the Reserve. There are some paths you can walk along (level & easy for me to use). We always keep some fold up chairs in the boot & have our lunch which is followed by a short walk. I'm in Australia. We often hear our native birds like the Kookaburra & see some small native creatures if we do not make a lot of noise. Most of all I love sitting in the car, watching the light dance across the river, listening to the lapping of the water onto the shore.


In late spring/early summer I like to wash sheep and alpaca fleece in the outdoors and then prepare it for spinning. I sit in the sun, enjoying the garden, and open up the fleece and get rid of as much of the dust and vegetable matter as possible. Any waste fleece that is too short or dirty (!) gets put in the compost heap to feed the vegetables. Once spun, I dye it then dry it in the sun. My lines of spun fleece looks like beautiful bunting blowing in the breeze. Then I make lovely sweaters with it to wear on my autumn and winter walks, or weave scarves, shawls and fabric for bags. I know what season it is by what activity I have got to. My woolly calendar!


I wish I was able to take part in the annual butterfly survey. One takes a part of one's garden to observe and count how many appear in a fixed time window. Unfortunately, I need to ask my wife to help me into a wheelchair, which isn't easy.
This year (2022) there seem to be fewer Large White and Small White butterflies. I have seen one or two Brimstone and Orange Tip and once a Painted Lady alighted on my dayroom window.
It may not seem as exciting as a physical activity but there is much beauty in butterflies and the count provides motivation for more careful and rewarding observation.


My favourite outdoor activity is hunting. I love hunting. I have been on a dozen big game hunting trips in my lifetime. Eleven of them have been on my family's dime while I was a dependent and one while I was 20. As a 24-year-old now, I find that I don’t have the time to take off from work or the extra funds to pay for a trip. Hunting trips are expensive, I live in Oklahoma but I prefer hunting in Colorado and Wyoming. It’s hard to find time and it’s hard to justify a 3–4 day trip when I have bills to pay and groceries to buy.


FoE Team
Co-Community Manager
Thank you all for your great outdoor activities and for participating! The winner will be announced soon.


FoE Team
Co-Community Manager
And the winners are.....

Marjoram Blackstump

Congratulations! The winners will be contacted shortly.
Please join us for our next contest coming soon.
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