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Journalism in Tuulech

Hello people of Tuulech.

I am Antonia, and a former player from Sinerania (I was a leader in a top guild before I gave up on the game) and I used to write journalistic articles about events in that world (feel free to look into the Sinerania part of the forum for some examples). I haven't played for around a year, but I miss the writing, so I was thinking of getting back into it. What I'm after are ideas of what you want to read or participate in.

Examples include:
* Tracking key GBG rounds
* Following major wars between leading guilds
* Doing a feature on a particular guild (I'd join for a week or two to help, maybe like an AirBNB review)

So what I'm looking for really is:
- If you're interested in reading something like this
- Ideas you have for articles you'd like to read
- If you're a guild leader, allowing me to join your guild briefly to write an inside story etc.

In terms of the game, I only just started in T, and I only intend to play semi-seriously.

Janet Devlin

I would be interested in reading any articles/stories based on role play and not real life. By real life, I don't mean what you had for breakfast yesterday but how players interact around the game. Role play concerns itself with empires, that is in other words, the in-game queens and kings or whatever and their struggles in their world.

I'm aware there would need to be a separation between what is role-playing in a game and players vs player interaction. To illustrate what I mean...

Role Play
Let's say for example there is guild or an empire that is called, "peace". Another guild or empire which is called, "kill". There exists a struggle between the two. The "live in peace" declares the "kill" a nemesis to its world. The "kill" promises to attack "live in peace" even more. The plot thickens as another "whatever" comes to the rescue. Whatever.:D

Real Life
In real life, "kill" attacks "peace" accusing it of being a snowflake, complainer, whiner or even the greatest attack of all labeling it a troll and telling it to leave the game or whatever.:(


It's a nice approach to the game ^^

It would be nice to read articles about top guilds, their development and strategies to be where they are now (without spoilers about the Treasury ;p).

I'm on Tuulech since day one and I'm in currently no 2 guild on the server, a guild that was founded at the very beginning. We've already seen some historical moments, like first FE player and thus - the first Arc, and recently (only couple of days ago - first 2 VF players and thus - the first HC.

We also have some "Fall from grace" stories about guilds which fell into Oblivion because some internal conflicts or lack of leadership - that would also be something to read ;)

GBG is quiet. Top guilds are farming 3-5 SC sectors, we have however some conflicts in the GvG.

Anyway, it would be great to have someone to write down the stories from Tuulech!
Great ideas, thanks. I'll start asking around a bit to get a feel for what's going on and where different guilds etc. stand before I hone in on something specific.