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Journal of RoLoTalen


Day 1 was posted on a different thread it mentions Esau as the hunter and Tubal-Cain as the Pottery worker, then also Matthew as the researcher.

Day 2: Is going to be my post for today so we had a Stone Quarry set up close to the town center. The name of our new stone quarry is known no other than the Britannia MIne. I have visited it close by even in the parking area however I dare not go inside. There is a nice souvenir shop just by the parking area though which is alright. There is a plan set in motion to buy land close to Furry Creek which is close to the Ocean. It might be just a lake so we will see what happens there later. We have had an increase in population as well more villagers are interested in moving into RoLo's city. There also was a Theater just built at a very high cost the playhouse is its name and it has very nice seating and delightful stage. Rangers have been noticed in RoLo's city its nice to have them. Their bows and vigilance are very much appreciated in RoLo's City.


Day 3: We experienced an invasion and the town hall was devastated the Rangers helped us recover the battle and the scots were driven off. We had to tear down some buildings and renovate to bigger and better buildings. We are running short of supplies so I put a deal on the market 4 stone for 5 dyes. We can used the dyes maybe to paint our new buildings or maybe we can use it for some of the villagers clothes. By the picture it looks like the dye is red which not one of my favourite colors but it will have to make due. I put Tubal-cain and Esau to work for a day I dont expect them to get it done within 24 hrs non stop working. They are allowed to take breaks I will check back tomorrow however I will just get on to collect some wages from the villagers.

So it seems when the villagers get nicer living quarters they tend to spend more money at the town hall which is nice. However I hope they can provide full support for Esau and Tubal-Cain as they are working hard to get the supplies ready 2 mornings from now. Should be easy enough hopefully everything goes well. Esau is gathering some fur maybe for bedding or somewhat. Tubal-cain is making a pot maybe we can use it to store water or some other precious supply.


Day 4, It was a big day and the worst thing was it was on a Sunday. Usually myself I do not like working on Sundays and technically my boys were not working on a Sunday either I think the goods were finished either Saturday or Friday late night. So they had the majority of the weekend off work. I did drop by the pottery and the hunter to pick up the finished products and supplies. On Sunday late night though I had them working hard we made huge advancements in our city. We got a fruit farm up a couple blacksmiths, also added a marble quarry so that we can get some marble going. Alot more villagers moved in so we had to make a bunch of huts for them. Low quality housing however the Theatre and stonehedge really keeps them entertained while they stay at RoLo Talens City.