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Player Journal of a Loser

Arctic Fox the Fighter

Chief Warrant Officer
Hello Emma! Pull up a chair, what are you drinking? Cinzano and lemonade? HARRY! Cinzano and lemonade for the lady!

Yes, I know the Lord's Manor provides forge points, and coins and provides residence for quite a few people, but I have one already and I didn't want another just at the moment, rather I thought I'd take the quick profit and maybe buy another in the future. I'm really saving up for a Crow's Next upgrade.
I drink water :)

Arctic Fox the Fighter

Chief Warrant Officer
I was relaxing in my library at Farwig House in Bromley, when there came upon the oaken door a terrible knocking and in tumbled Archibald the Wise, our chief scientist. Apparently his minions had discovered the secrets of alchemy and some other things the names of which made no sense to me. And as a result the city had entered what the people were calling "The High Middle Ages". Personally I thought the High Middle Ages were what you reached at the age of sixty, but no. And more, the residents of the Governor's Villa were complaining that the decor which only yesterday they had found so tasteful was now "passe" and would I do something about it toot sweet. I called the renovation team and while they amended the decor of the Governor's Villa and associated structures, I sat in the Rosarium watching Philips the gardener as he carefully selected some blooms for market. It takes him all day, but he'll get some nice goods for them.

The peace of the morning was suddenly shattered when the cloaked man with no name appeared at my side bearing a scroll. Wiping the tea from my trousers I read. Apparently we were challenged, as we are every day. I summoned that well known brave adventurer, Captain Drake, and bid him set sail immediately for the darkest jungles of who knows where, and there to trade with such natives as he could find and bring back the loot.

No sooner had the good Captain battled his way through the natives at the landing zone that he heard reports of a jade idol, deep within the jungle. A good day's journey away. A jade idol! A precious and rare relic indeed and one which will fetch a pretty penny at the market, perhaps enough to buy a Terrace Farm, a Fountain of Youth or a new Renovation kit as we are running very low.

I now await the brave Captain's return with anticipation and some impatience.
dont go to LMA yet


Whispers are being heard across the kingdom of Bromley in the world of Brisgard that king Matt the Melancholic should abandon the guild he is allied to, and seek a more powerful guild. However, king Matt the Melancholic remembers when he first stumbled onto the shores of Bromley.

A mere peasant was he then, penniless and with just the clothes he wore. It was while lying on the shore, gasping, that he saw a strong arm reach down and pick him up. Brush him off and set him upon a horse with a purse of gold that he might found a city and kingdom. That neighbouring knight who rescued me asked nothing in return. And upon establishing a settlement king Matt the Melancholic sought to repay the debt of honour by pledging allegiance to that knight and his small guild.

What manner of a man should I be to turn my back upon such charity and desert the guild to which I owe so much? Has honour so completely left this land?
The land of imagination?