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Player Journal of a Loser


Good afternoon, Harry!

A balmy Sunday afternoon here on the outskirts of Southampton where strangely even the ninja squirrels seem to be sleeping.

Now, what do I have to report today?

I successfully completed a GE4 battle with pretty basic attack and defence bonuses, disproving the notion that GE4 fights are impossible without massive army bonuses. Perhaps my lifetime as a wargamer has taught me something of strategy and troop usage. Though I shall readily admit it takes a while to get to know the characteristics, strengths and weaknesses of different units encountered in different games.

I continue to suffer from bullying on the wider forum, but a judicious usage of the "ignore" facility allows me to filter out those who have no rational argument, only insults to throw at me. I feel sorry for the wider community, I know a lot of players read the forum, yet very few of them dare to post.

I had a bizarre experience earlier today. I was reviewing town planning in one city when an alert popped up saying the city had been attacked, but the attackers driven off. Realising the antagonist would still be online I sent them a message asking if I had done something to upset them - past experience has taught me I often put people's backs up unintentionally. The reply came back that I hadn't, and that he was simply battle training! To which I replied with an an analysis of his attack, pointing out where he had gone wrong, and how he could improve his chances in future encounters, and even inviting him to try again!

Otherwise, I am much more confident in my Guild Battleground encounters, I have more than satisfied the requirements of the guild and we still have days to go.

Sorry, yes I'll have a mug of tea. Keeping the queue waiting while I waffle on! Now what was I saying about upsetting people?
And I assume you are ignoring me?


There is an old saying.

"If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all"

This is my journal, if you don't like me, ignore me. You're not forced to read this, but I certainly am not going to be bullied into closing my account,
In that case, stop posting since you have nothing nice to say.
As the saying goes *best to remain silent and be thought a fool, then to speak {or in this case to type} and remove all doubt"
And that is most likely why certain people are attacked. Not because other people are mean, so much as some people just cannot see the line that differentiates them.
It is why I find the ignore button so useful. Sadly though, sometimes you do not need to remove the ignore selection to know who/what is being conversed about.