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Player Journal of a Loser

klods hans

With a lot of time on my hands I spend most of my day at FoE, breaking off for household chores such as washing up, shopping, cleaning out my house rabbit's bed, cooking meals and frequent smoke breaks!
Lucky you :) If you are able to break off the game to do household chores and other "real life" stuff like shopping and eating, then you are not fully addicted (yet) and may still have a chance to "pack it" and get your life back :lol:


I prefer 8 or 24 hr productions.

Reason: Aid. It doubles the production value. You have a limited amount of it

Butcher (Iron Age Building)
24hr production
: 790 (1,580 when aided)
8hr production: 400 (800 when aided)
- If you're doing two lots of 8hr productions aided then that's only 20 supplies difference. You'd need to fit in three 8hr production cycles and have two fully aided to make more then a single 24 hr production cycle. The benefit of 8 hr would be for timetable purposes.

5min productions: 30 supplies (60 when aided)
- 1,580 / 30 = 53 unaided collections needed to match. x5 = 265 minutes / 60 = 4.416 hrs of 5 min productions..... to match 8 or 24 hr productions you would need to sit and do 4 and a half hrs of 5 min productions without losing time inbetween each collection. That's either some serious dedication or you're not making much more then you would on longer timers

Edit: I just realised this is a journal. @Matt the Melancholic do you mind us responding on your journal or would you prefer us to do so in the journal responses section?

Deleted member 118885

Im not that evil :P
You mean me
I dont wear kilts i wear an tartan ribbon or trousers or skirt if i want to wear tartan
Im going to have an political statement as my new profile picture
after i make it


Impossible daily event today. I don't do the negotiations in the events, they require the spending of diamonds for each guess. Not to my liking.

The summer event requires me to visit friends taverns, very frustrating waiting for my last visit to end!

Hurriedly trying to produce supplies, not so easy when you're a newbie! I have pulled in my supply boosts, and am clicking like mad!
They only require diamonds if you don't have any of the good that you're trying to use.
Last edited:

Deleted member 118885

A new day dawns. I leave my Guild on Sinerania, I've had a message from a player inviting me to consider his guild. I have two outstanding guild invitations, now to consider which is best suited to me - I like to fight in GE every day so I want a guild where they appreciate that effort, but don't mind I'm a newbie contributing little in trades and guild points, through no fault of my own, just a consequence of being a new player.

Summer event is now on hold in Sinserania, as I have to wait for the next Guild Expedition to start.

Today's daily challenge is impossible on one world, feasible on another, and I bet the prize will be forge points!

Viking settlements doing okay. Slowly, but steadily getting there. Got to be careful they don't detract from the bigger picture. He
Spartans help you and appreciate all help
They help out with GBs and are quite strong and relaxed as this is their world of peace and sanctuary


Good morning, Harry.

I should like a mug of tea, and a full English breakfast please. Bacon, poached eggs, mushrooms, hash brown, black pudding, sausage and baked beans, no namby-pamby croissant and coffee for me!

While you're polishing the glasses, let me fill you in on developments in my two cities. One might say it's a Tale of Two Cities? Okay, perhaps not!

Since I last spoke to you the Guild Event has finished and the Guild Battleground started. Justice League, the guild I belong to from one city, are a very serious guild and won the GE league. I was very nervous about not making the grade but managed to finish level 2 and go on a bit further, while my senior guild team mates completed all four levels and then some!

The other Guild, Anti-Nowhere, decided to concentrate on the guild battleground, so we only completed level 1 in the GE with further levels remaining locked.

I continue to learn the protocols of FoE, slowly. The guild battlegrounds prove a challenge, so many battles are two waves and I don't have the diamonds to heal and replace troops between waves. Not withstanding, I have been making an effort and despite heavy casualties I am proud to announce i have won battles. I suspect not enough to satisfy my commanders in Justice League, but I have been trying to pacify them by helping with the washing up instead. By which I mean helping with trades and donating goods to the treasury.

The Summer Event has taken a dislike to me. Rotten luck on the wheel spins, and slow progress sailing to the next big prize.

A couple of Daily Events have been fulfilled, and one has been unreachable - I still can not manage "negotiations". Perhaps I should be brave and give them another try?

My Brisgard city was attacked yesterday, and they repelled my counter-attack. Found the experience very irritating, but I shouldn't as I hae done the same to many of my neighbours on both worlds, primarily for the purposes of quests, but I shall confess if I have seen goods lying around I have taken them home.

Okay, I'll let you get on with preparing lunch. Thanks for listening.
The golden rule of FoE (also known as the one I made up 10 seconds ago: Is never do a negotiation harder then moderate in the daily challenge. Never. Ever. Ever.


And so ends my first venture into the Guild Battlegrounds.

I shall note that I started playing on the 11th of July 2020, one month ago or 37 days to be precise.

In the Platinum league Guild on Sinerania, I ranked about 10th out of about 30 members in the GBG, which I am proud of. Almost all the other members are much more experienced than me.

In the silver league Guild on Brisgard I was the top contributor in the GBG, and we went up a league to the gold.

The Summer Event is now all but over, all quests completed on both worlds, again something to be proud of.

Brisgard city is now in Early Middle Ages and the rush is on to research the various military options so that I can build effective troops.
Well done, sir


Funny like all changes along playing lol just gone through 99% of your journal and one thing bother me so much I decided to point it out lol just that you said you will joy spend diamonds on one of the worlds and then event kind of made you jump out of cash hehe but a lot of people spent tons of diamonds this event so don’t feel bad at any point
Btw wondered if you thought about writing a book or something, you definitely have skills in that one:)

Arctic Fox the Fighter

Chief Warrant Officer
Good morning Harry. Not too early for lunch am I? Oh, okay I'll hang on for a while while your wife gets the kitchen ready. While I'm waiting I'll tell you about the start of the latest Guild Expedition and Battlegrounds.

As you remember, I have cities on two worlds: Sinerania and on Brisgard. On Sinerania I am a member of a Platinum league Guild with strict requirements on the members to "do their bit" in both the Guild Expedition and in the Guild Battlegrounds. At the start of the week a number of members were sacked from the guild for not performing. This leaves me as the weakest member, and stresses me out quite a lot. I'm not so much concerned about being kicked out of the guild, as I am about letting the team down. To this end I have completed the first three levels of the Guild Expedition, and started on the Guild Battleground, both fighting and negotiating in both. The negotiations have cost me a few diamonds in buying additional attempts, but its for the team, and that's what's important.

Over on Brisgard I am a member of a far more relaxed Guild. The Guild Expedition may or may not be unlocked to level 2, in any event I finished level 1, but as we have no chance of winning the league I suspect the guild leaders will save the treasury goods for the Guild Battlegrounds. For the first time the guild is now in the gold league, and I am again contributing as much as I can, for the good of the team.

I have unlocked some military advances in the Early Middle Ages city, and these enable me to recruit powerful armoured infantry and mercenaries for using in the Guild Battleground. But I'm not stressed about this guild. Their only requirements are to be active three times a week.

Both cities continue to be frustrated by the lack of real estate, and the slow progress in raising the medals required to buy an expansion, and the goods required to negotiate a province on the campaign map.

Oh okay. Lunch time, then. I'll have the minted lamb pie with chips and assorted vegetables, please. To drink? Just water if you don't mind.
Your cities are doing really well Matt way better than winners cities in en