Join Us: La Cosa Nostra

ll Kasper ll

Guild Name: La Cosa Nostra (aka "LCN")
Guild Leader: ll Kasper ll
Requirements: Respectful personality, honorable conduct at all times towards all players and game rules
How To Join: Send us an in-game message detailing your interest
Why Join Us?: In a sentence: NO MANDATORY CONTRIBUTIONS!
Unlike almost every other major guild in any of the 14 worlds available in FoE, we do not impose any oppressive laws on our members --- and we never will. Instead, we make it our business to play around the styles of our members to maintain a fun-loving environment for every single player within our empire. Through groundbreaking innovation and organization, we have created a flexible guild model which constantly rewards its members for basic participation while offering endless opportunities for advancement.
Our methods are unmatched and our future is bright. Join us and enjoy the freedom you won't find anywhere else...