Illuminati is recruiting active players on Cirgard

If you´re looking for a guild to join, look no further!

- We always provide you with stuff to do as long as you like fighting,

daily GvG action just for the fun of it and best of all NO sector watching.

-A great community of players

Average age of guild members: Around 40 y/o

We are a really helpful bunch, we do unfair trades to help you get any GB you might like to have in your beautiful city, our motto:
«You get the BluePrints we get the goods!»

And we sometimes do Lotteries to encourage more action in Guild Expedition with prices up to 500 Forge points and 250 goods of your liking

All we ask of you in return is a secure 40+ battles in GE on weeks with competition for gold medal,

(Most weeks completing level 1 is enough).

PS! Watch out for immature language in guild chat (Tongue-in-cheek)

Contact [FC] and join our ranks

Nuff said
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