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Join "The Fair Traders", we are recruiting!


The Fair Traders have a main guild and two Sister Guilds (Fair Traders 2, Fair Traders 3) on East-Nagach.

*We use a trading ethos to keep trades fair*

Our #1 guild rule is not to trade outside of the guild. We have a big active stockpile of everything to satisfy your needs. There is no need to supply the competition.
There are ofcourse reasonable exceptions for when the guild stock is low.

We trade 1:1 for same Age goods (HMA:HMA), and 2:1 for consecutive Age goods (EMA:HMA). Consecutive Age goods are twice as expensive, so it's only fair.
Due to the current trading ratio limitations we do not trade goods more than 1 Age apart (EMA:LMA).

This trading ethos, or guideline, has taken us to the successful branch we are now.
Some may not agree with our ethos and find it unfair, but our success simply speaks for itself.

Unlike most other top ranked guilds, The Fair Traders do not find Town-ranking essential. Our success is due to our ethos, rules and integrity to keep to those.
Not by farming or only allowing high-ranked players.

Benefits of all The Fair Traders guilds;
* These guilds are designed to promote fair trade only, through the fair trade ethos
* Apply to us and you can expect a response within 24hrs, sometimes immediately.
* Every member Polishes/Motivates regularly
* We have excellent active, informative and updated forums
* We offer fun, friendly and supportive guilds

The Fair Traders (Original);
* Minimum requirements: Produce Basalt, Brass, Silk, Talc Powder or Gunpowder and be active at least once every 2-3 days
* We held 3rd place for months, with over 12,000,000 points
* We have goods from Bronze Age ~ Industrial Age
* Guild-wide messaging not allowed to prevent abuse, spam and irritation

The Fair Traders 2 (Sister Guild);
* Minimum requirement: Having reached the Early Middle Age
* Has reached 10th place within 2 months and is still climbing with open spots
* Town-Support requirement of 3x/week minimum
* Has goods from Bronze Age ~ Industrial Age
* Founded by Mutzena of Fair Traders 1, and now run by the very experienced guild leader LadyMedea

The Fair Traders 3 (Sister Guild);
* Minimum requirement: NONE, allowing new players to benefit from our ethos
* Ranked 19 within less than a month of creation
* Created due to the success of The Fair Traders 2 causing capacity issues
* Founded by MAL1701 from Fair Traders 1 and 2, and now run by the very experienced guild leader Harleygirl and co-leader JohnW.

If you are stuck in a guild where everyone tries to profit from you all the time, then join us!

Contact Bodette or Lodroth for an invitation to The Fair Traders (Original).

Contact LadyMedea for an invitation to The Fair Traders 2 (Sister guild). (apply here)

Contact Harleygirl or JohnW for an invitation to The Fair Traders 3 (Sister guild). (apply here)
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We currently have room for ~10 more players.
If you agree to our terms and meet the requirements, don't hesitate to apply. :)

- L


The original Fair Traders are currently recruiting

We are committed to an ethos of friendly mutual support.
Our guild is designed to promote Fair Trade.
We will respond to invitation requests within 24 hrs, often immediately.
The guilds do not operate on the basis of preferential treatment based on rank or favour.
The guild is fun, friendly and supportive.
We have excellent up to date forums

Contact wurdsmiff for an invitation to join. Normally within the top 5 in the guild rankings we are currently sitting 6th since we have a number of vacancies. We are seeking to fill these, and if you are an active player who finds our ethos attractive and could contribute positively to the guild then come and join us.
We operate PODs for the development of Great Buildings.

Minimum requirements;
* To be active and polish or motivate other members a minimum of 2-3 times per week.
*To have at least 2 production buildings of the Late Middle Age or later. This can include goods producing great buildings.