Jaims is coming to En


Since yesterday a player is already in PME and has an Alcatratz, for sure this will be the most challenging task for any new or old player to challenge such an ambitious gaming. If I look at the PME city, it looks a bit strange and empty and the amount of diamonds spend seems to be beyond imagination. Oh well if we will get now a guild willing to spend diamonds in such a way, than the guildranking is gone too. Normal playing is loosing, I was hoping for an intresting competition without HoF but skills involved, but Jaims seems to be a diamond madhouse.
What did you expect. It would appear everything over the last 6 months is to maximise diamond revenue. Maybe they're cashing in before the train falls of the rails. If they truly wanted a balanced game they would limit diamond usage the same way they do for diamond expansions. Only being able to use so many per age on the research tree. The majority of players want balanced game play and I for one don't mind the diamond users having an advantage as they have paid for it but you also need to ensure the balance between heavy diamond users and non or low diamond users is right.

Purple Haze

Fear not! That same player also had in excess of 1 million medals and now he is gone in a puff of smoke... poof!
Déjà vu for seasoned Beta players :rolleyes:


One thing for sure Jaims proofs what diamonds can do. Entire iron age diamond cities up to PME level now. Normal gaming and average diamond spending has spectator value.