Is Parkog dead?


It really seems like parkog is a dead world on the international server because there are no posts here since early this year.
I'd like to post a recruiting thread for my guild but I don't think it will see ANY amount of traffic.
Please reply to this to let me know if you're looking for a guild here in parkog on the international english server and if at least one or two people ask about my guild recruitment then ill post the recruitment thread


A lot of worlds has many inactive players and the numbers are increasing. New players start playing in newest worlds and I wonder what developers will came up in future e.g. merge or leave it as it is but maintaining world with small amount of players doesn't seem beneficial anyway back to the topic only small percentage of players are using forum therefore it might seem inactive.

Frizz the Greatest

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I play in two worlds mostly have 3 in total and find Parkog very peaceful compared to N and K worlds, a nice to world to chill in and pick up extra diamonds from GE etc :)
A merge would be nice OVERTYPE


A merge would be nice OVERTYPE
If there will be such possibility than definitely not in near future if of course active players count wouldn't be extreme low. E.g. US server has 27 worlds and it seems to me that the game is going in a direction where it will be opening new worlds more often and maybe in a couple years after that merge them.


very interesting idea and merging slow worlds seems to be a good solution for players leaving the game in those worlds because its so slow