Iron Age Military Guide (Krestel's Guides No. 3)

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    So now that we've talked about BA military and defence, let's talk about IA now. Compared to BA troops, IA units have obtained leaps in their stats. We're going to compare the stats and combat bonuses, and discuss some common IA army layouts.

    1. Soldier
    The light unit solider is the first unit to be unlocked in IA. In contrast to the Spearfighter, the light unit of BA, it gains a addition of +2 attack, defence and movement. It also gains +1 attack bonus against fast units and in bushes and forests compared to the Spearfighter. However, it loses the defence bonus against fast units. It is effective against calvary (Mounted Warrior) and support troops (Archer and Ballista), but does poor against defensive tanks (Legionnaire) unless multiple soldiers gang up against one or two Legionnaires.

    2. Archer
    The archer is the ranged unit of IA, and in my opinion, the best out of all five IA troops. It gains +4 attack, +1 defence, +1 attack and defence against Heavy units and +1 attack on rocks compared to the slinger, the ranged unit of BA. The archer has the smallest barracks in the game with a area of 2x2. It is effective throughout IA and even EMA. Archers are super effective against heavy units and somewhat effective against the semi-tanks/light units. The main threats of the Archer are fast units and artillery units. Fast units gain bonuses against Archers and Artillery units can hit Archers on their first turn.

    3. Mounted Warrior
    The mounted archer which is the fast unit of IA, is somewhat good. They gain +1 attack, +3 defence and +1 attack and defence against ranged units. With 22 movement, mounted warriors can reach the other side of the battlefield in only two turns, making it very effective against Artillery Units. However, they are ineffective against light units since they receive bonuses against fast units.

    4. Legionnaire
    Gaining +2 attack and defence and defence on plains and +1 attack and defence against light units, the heavy unit Legionnaire is the best choice against light units. They also have the highest defence in IA, being a very good shield for other units. However, their low movement allows them to get sniped away at by both ranged and artillery classes. Legionnaires do okay against fast units.

    5. Ballista
    With the lowest attack, defence and movement in IA, the ballista only gains a small leap in its stats compared to the stone thrower. Being an artillery unit, it has a range of 13 hexes. Ballistas make good support troops because of their long range, but are really only strong against archers and other ballistas.

    Common IA Army Layouts:

    1. 8 Archers (Both offensive and defensive)
    2. 8 Ballistas (Both offensive and defensive, although it's recommended on offence)
    3. Mounted Warrior Wild Goose Chase (Offence only, requires at least 1 Mounted Warrior. The rest are the player's choice)
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    If you get past IA you might notice that units almost always gain when you compare them to units from the previous age. Apart from that I really can not see the use of this. All info can be found on the Wiki if needed.
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