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Implemented: Inventory Improvement Suggestion



IDEA: Make it possible for a player to put ONLY Special Buildings (eg: Sandcastle, Nutcracker etc) into their Inventory on payment of Diamonds so that it can be used again later possibly on payment of more Diamonds.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?

Yes I have checked and cannot find anything which specificly resembles my idea. There are others which ask for a similar facility to be made available for "all" buildings for free though.


This would save players having to delete their Special Buildings and possibly not being able to get them again from future events. It would also raise funds for Innogames from the sale and use of Diamonds.


The mechanics of the idea would involve creating an option within the Inventory to select a Special Building to be stored and for payment of Diamonds to be made. Once selected a pop-up would appear saying "Do you want to spend Diamonds to store this Building??" and Confirm/Cancel buttons to complete the process. A second similar option to restore the Special Building would need to be created to rebuild that particular Building IF it was decided to charge for the reuse of the building rather than just allowing it to be rebuilt for free.

Balance/Abuse Prevention

I can see no possibility of this being abused nor any possibility of cheating arising from an implementation of this idea.

Best Regards



These ideas will not be implemented:

Rotating buildings to make placement easier (which would erode the central challenge of the game too much).
Having a "holding area" for buildings to make rearranging easier (likewise).
Exchanging coins for supplies and/or goods, or vice versa (likewise).
Doesn't matter which buildings they are, any kind of storage after placement falls under "making the game easier." Sorry.

For future reference, take a look at this thread to see which ideas were already suggested or which ideas you shouldn't post about.


I really like this idea although i'd rather spend coins & supplies than diamonds on it. Normal buildings ALREADY HAVE a storage area....its called the build menu, once a normal building has been placed it can be sold to make the rearranging of a city easier but the option is always there to rebuild it by spending the coins & supplies again so why cant there be the same option for special event buildings


While joesoap has raised a valid point I don't think anyones town is going to be full of special buildings. So they'd have enough "normal" buildings to delete and enable them to move the "special" ones around.

As surge has pointed out it falls under "making the game easier", we just have to live with deleting normal buildings to make the space to move special buildings around.

However if you do have a town made of mainly special buildings congrats :) but you'll need to work hard to find the space to move things around when needed...


Well, premium features always gotta break the normal rules :p
These ideas will not be implemented:

Rotating buildings to make placement easier (which would erode the central challenge of the game too much).
Having a "holding area" for buildings to make rearranging easier (likewise).
Exchanging coins for supplies and/or goods, or vice versa (likewise).
I actually had an idea that kinda dodges this rule and let's you save those special buildings: "Selling" a special building puts it on lockdown in your inventory for at least a month. This can be a loophole for the rules since the purpose of "selling" that special building is NOT for rearranging or else I would want to place it back in my city immediately. Saying it makes it easier is like saying selling any building is easier in general, so the rule is technically avoided in my eyes.


I agree that we should have the option of rebuilding special buildings that we've won/earned. There are all kinds of reasons one might not want a "festive tree" or "beach bar" all year round, but we shouldn't be deprived of it forever just because we want a different decor for Independence Day than we want for Halloween, or because our hand slipped and we accidentally replaced a "special house" with a normal one. As joesoap points out, we can replace other buildings, at a price, so the "special" ones should also be replaceable, at a price. Why not?
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I've gotten confirmation that even "inventory storage" ideas are too similar to the "holding area" idea to be considered. I'll have to mark this and similar ideas as "Do Not Suggest".

Amy Steele

How things change with time! Now implemented as the 'Store Building' item (though without the payment of Diamonds at time of use) 8-)