Hi all,

I'm looking for some new friend options. I'm almost at the max of my allowance but happy to accept some invites. Feel free to look me up:

- My Arc is under level 10, I'm looking for a 1st place Gold Swap partner going forward.
- I have lots of high level GB's under 10, such as Arctic Orangery, Dynamic Tower, Chateau, Arc, Alcatraz, Inno Tower etc... This means relatively cheap BP's and potential swaps.
- I often hunt FP for goods trades if you're a seller with a fair or better price.
- On Korch, I aid and tavern daily.

** I may make space for your and send an invite if the deal you have is worth me doing that **

If you wish to pop on down, feel free. If you're new to the game and interested in any advice, please post below - always fun to meet new people.