Int. Spec Forces Recruiting Now


We are an exciting and growing guild, active in Guild Expedition’s (GE) and Guild vs Guild (GvG) and we are currently welcoming active new members.

We are a top 10 guild in the World of Dinegu and aim to stay there by recruiting the right sort of people to join our family. ‍‍‍

You will receive the following benefits when you join us:

1. Reduced buildings and troop costs, time reductions in building those items as well,
a: 20% time reduction in troop recruitment ⏱
b: 9% cost reduction in raising new buildings
2. 4 daily FP’s from your town hall,
3. High rate of polishing and motivating to your buildings,
4. Prompt help levelling up new great buildings and different programs to help you level up existing ones,
5. Fair and quick trading market,
6 Friendly and respectful environment.

If this sounds like the guild for you we require the following from you:

1) Be an active member who will aid the entire guild at least 4 times a week and read the messages sent,
2) Being active in GE each week, we expect everyone to just do their best with a minimum of level 1 completed,
3) Have an existing Observatory or commit to have one (we will help you with this if you don’t have one),
4) Donate 10 FP’s a week from the 28 FP’s you get from your Town Hall for just being in this guild to the Guild GB of the week. (This helps the whole guild grow faster),
5) Help the guild when needed this can be done by making donations to the guild treasury, placing DA's taking part in GvG etc

If you are a serious player and want to grow with a guild, then this is the guild for you!!

Contact: Dizzydon, Steve Furlong, Freefallc, Redsun or Bidge for an invite.