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InnoGames TV InnoGames TV September Edition


As I see it, the reason why players are blamed for giving stupid feedback and wrecking the once cool concept is because that's how it appears to be.
The GvG was launched and lots of players jumped in and enjoyed themselves.
Then when the kings of FOE started losing sectors unexpectedly, they looked to the mechanics of the game and picked never ending faults with it.
Changes were made and more problems created so the unhappy players once again blamed the mechanics and insisted on more change. Oh yeah, almost forgot, then they insisted on more change and some more change.
I would actually disagree with this viewpoint. I rarely play GvG, i was never a fan of it at inception, and the changes made, where a) few and far between and b) didn't (and still don't) actually address the concerns being raised. In fact changes put in place because no-one listened to what the player base where saying actually had an adverse affect.

It is often possible for game developers to make a great game and then when they try to improve it, things go wrong and the result is negative. Sadly we see too much of it here. Hopefully as the game becomes more and more Redundant and their income fades into nothing, they will reboot and restore some of the great aspects of the game rather than just walk away in frustration..
Sadly, this is how misguided representation develops. I'm not sure they will let it become redundant, they will continue to change it until finally (and hopefully) something clicks into place. Either that or they engage their brains before actually putting further changes into practice.

The Attack boosts on the new CE appear to be a way to restore some of the damage done by Nerfing out attack GB's.
As for guidance and the constant need to know everything before it happens.........that really does take a lot of the fun out the game. Do you also need to know what your Christmas present is before you open it? Not mocking you, just asking.
Does it though, is this not just a veiled attempt at doing 'something'

In terms of knowing whats around the corner, then it's a whole hearted yes. This is a game, in the same vein that every other game the world over has a roadmap, a path to a final goal and where developers, management and the like want it to be in order to get the most financial benefit against something that is considered 'wholly fun' from beginning to end (second consideration to follow at some point when heads are taken out of backsides). It's also the accepted norm in any game community to test properly and to it's full extent, take feedback, make changes and inform what planned features are around the corner.


Mercy, people - let the designer/developers answer the questions, okay? That's what Starzaan promised and what should be forthcoming. Please.


I certainly hope that limit doesn't mean the designer/devs won't explain how GvG is supposed to work.

Here's the question from the original thread:
I'm afraid mink that this question is too broad. It would require an in depth discussion with the designers that I'm not able to have, nor would any interview of that kind be able to be published on the forum in 'raw' format so to speak. Nor am I able to discuss any changes which may be forthcoming which have not yet been announced. The broadness of the question is likely one of the reasons that it was not chosen for the episode. If you could make your question more specific that would help.

I don't think the devs intend to tell anyone how they should have fun, that is up to each individual. As mentioned previously, ghost guilds ( or whichever term you wish to use) were not an intended feature of GvG, nor was GvG intended to be the b all and end all of the game, so whilst it took over to some extent during the initial rush, once that was over it was not supposed to be the entire focus of the game. It has taken over PvP somewhat, in part due to the ability to use ghost guilds to gain large amounts of points quickly. As ghost guilds were not intended, GvG also was not intended to replace PvP.

The increasing cost of sieges was of course included to prevent the map from being totally dominated by a few guilds, and to leave enough space for other guilds to try their hands. Once you have gained a large number of hexes, you then also will be accumulating significant power which then gives bonuses. If for you the fun part is taking the hexes, then you can either release some, or you can plan and save goods for your next siege. But really it is up to each individual to determine which aspects of the game they find fun; everyone is different and enjoys different things. And naturally the game is under constant development and so will change.

In practice of course there have been elements emerge which were not an intended feature of the design; ghost guilds and HQ hopping for instance, we're not a concept which was intentionally designed into the game. It is always a difficult balancing act however to try to please the majority, and no changes will please everyone. Only once CE is released and settled will we then see how the recent changes have affected 'ghost/demo guilding'. Whilst in theory it will be possible to take a few hexes, dissolve the guild, make another and take a few more, whether or not this happens frequently in practice remains to be seen. Thus far we have seen a reduction in ghost guilding, but as others have pointed out this may be due to other factors.

I'm afraid issuing instructions on how to have fun with the feature is really beyond my remit.


Starzaan thank you for trying. And for confirming that GvG is supposed to be an optional add-on, not meant to keep our interest long-term or to be the centerpiece of the game.

But I would like to ask for a response from the designer/developers to concerns like:

If hit-and-run "ghost guilds" are not supposed to exist why has nothing been done to stop them - why in fact have several features been implemented that ENCOURAGE them (eg exorbitant siege costs for permanent guilds combined with minimal costs for hit-and-run guilds; the bizarre removal of any need for troops to form a siege army; the seven-day ban on returning to a previous guild but nothing at all to slow down guilds that dissolve and re-form a few minutes later to hit-and-run under a new name)? All that makes it seem like the design/development team WANTS us to play hit-and-run style - but if that's the general idea then why is our good Co-CoMa saying ghost guilds aren't supposed to exist?? The mixed messages you've been sending by implementing truly baffling features are very frustrating, so please clarify. Please.

I hope that's specific enough.

And: Can the designer/developers (or whoever's job it is) please update the "official guide to GvG", which badly needs revision? Thanks
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And: Can the designer/developers (or whoever's job it is) please update the "official guide to GvG", which badly needs revision? Thanks
It's somewhat my job (hence the "last edited by" coming from me). Didn't know I'd run into that when moderating the guides section, but I'm glad to do it :). Am I only adding the replace function or is there something else that's missing?

EDIT: There was only one mention of deleting an army, so just replaced the word with "replacing"
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Byeordie, there's a great deal there that's out of date, missing and/or completely unclear. I'm sure you'll do a fine job. Have fun

RESPONSE TO EDIT: References to deleting armies are very far from the only thing wrong with that guide. See your PM inbox and keep up the good work.
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