Independent Warriors is recruiting


Independent Warriors is actively recruiting again and is looking for new active players.

Welcome to Independent Warriors 1 & 2.
Two of the greatest Guilds in Arvahall have been forged as one Warrior family.
With two guilds we offer a big and close community that provides lots of challenge and diversity. We have plenty of Guild projects and action in Guildwars to keep you happy and foremost to have some fun.
If you want to be a part of our Warriorfamily just send an email to Chiara/Delfire1 at IW1 or mail Vishaldh at IW2. You can also reply on this post of course.

Rules are few and simple:
Polivate your fellow guildies regurarly, help baby GBs off the ground, respect other players, donate goods and defensive armies to Guildwars. If you're looking for an active guild and want to have fun, you're at the right place!:)

Hope to see you soon!
Cheers Chiara
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Thank you for your reply Matteo V,
I am one of the main recruiters for the Guilds Independent Warriors I and Independent Warriors II.
I will contact you in game if that is ok ;-)
Thank you for your time,