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Do Not Suggest: Increase the number of players allowed in group conversations

Proposal. = increase the limit on the number of players allowed in a conversation. This is currently set to 100 suggest ‘this is increased to 240 Or unlimited.

Reason = the current limit prevents all players from multiple guilds joining together to discuss joint tactics in GvG and GbG or just to socialise. A number of guilds work together with a guild for more active an advanced players and partner guilds to bring on and develop less advanced newer players having a conversation that can include all players from those guilds would be really useful.
Additionally it would enhance further social aspects of the game which is why so many of us love FoE.

Details = remove or increase the current 100 player limit on a group conversation

Balance/Abuse Prevention = This enhancement would not open up the possibility of cheating to my knowledge.
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Giving you the ability to discuss joint tactics is absolutely making the game easier when it comes to strategy.