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incomplete builds


Chief Warrant Officer
Given the frequency of events probably a lot of players are accumulating several incomplete builds in inventory missing a level or more. Are these trash? do we wait for AD to produce missing levels or will the event next year/time have the same compatible builds? eg incomplete bakeries that dont reach full potential until max and waste space otherwise?


Chief Warrant Officer
well do you plan to be playing the game in a years time ? if yes then why not keep hold of any incomplete builds ? you have to think long term and it means years lol but if you are just going to quit within a year then not much point in keeping anything


Chief Warrant Officer
Well just wondered from established players if say the next Halloween stuff will be the same as the last etc eg if the bakery appears next time will it be the same? obviously no point in hanging on to part of a gov villa if it doesnt reappear. It wouldnt matter so much if the builds were not so big and space could be given to a low level special. I still expect this time thief to be needed for the best part of this year sadly lollll

Paladiac the Pure

If you wanted to do a bit of research, you will see that the current/new event offers a new Event Building, and that Kits are made available for the more recent Event Buildings (for that particular event, not other events). Looking at the Beta, the 1 year old Event Building is offered 3 times as a daily - and although Beta Daily are not the same order as our current server, the rewards are very much similar (not necessarily identical, but very close) - and in fact, recent Events have the year ago Event Building kit available on Day 1, as well as once or twice again during the Event. So odds are that next Winter Event, the Bakery Kit will be available 1-3 times.
If you are worried about wasting space, I would suggest using a Store Building Kit, and put the incomplete bakery back into your inventory until such time you can max it out - although, by the time Kits are available to max it out - you may have discovered newer buildings that are better than Bakeries, and you will not want to have any bakeries taking up space anymore.


Chief Warrant Officer
well all this stuff is in inventory am 3 levels short of a 2nd house of horrors so think AD for that and the 3rd bakery and parts. Hoped a store building would be available in this event but not as yet, am hoarding 1 for emergencies :) oh for gb shrink kits....


Chief Warrant Officer
thanks no i only build fully levelled specials now its just selling on AD provides the funds for missing upgrades and didnt want to hang on to parts if unlikely to reappear or only slowly and expensively on AD bidding against someone that may just need 1 final upgrade.