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Fixed: In home city, on roads, no cars or people

  • Thread starter DeletedUser114021
  • Start date


Have just noticed, no moving vehicles on the roads or people walking on the paths.

Is same no matter what browser i am using


@romalo5 when a device is having trouble running the game it will stop animations to lesson the load - starting with anything on your roads/streets. Without knowing further details I can simply guess this is the reason
Close background programs and browser tabs you’re not using.
Don’t stream TV shows or download large files while playing.
Alter your start-up settings to de-clutter all the rubbish and pointless junk that starts running as soon as you turn the computer on (I’m looking at you, Microsoft...).
Turn off automatic updates for everything except critical system security updates.
Set your automatic virus scan to run at a time when you’re not likely to heavily be using the computer.

All of this drains your system resources.


Absolutely nothing was changed, one day i had them, the next i did not, computer did not change, I did not add any new programs, have cleared all the cache etc, not a thing had changed


Have you checked that the animations are still turned on in your settings?


yes and it has a tick, was one of the things i first checked


Well I xwitched back to Flash and the animals came back!....but then I lost my picture ...just blue screen except one small square...so back to HTML5 and no animals or people!


I switched to HTML as well and switched back, there is nothing wrong with my graphics card, i have now checked on another computer and doing the same, the tablet is the only device now that shows the animations. And another thing, when i load someone else's city, and come back to my own my cows and birds come back but not my people. It is not computer related, but I had switched to html ........... so how do i fix as gone back to flash but cant get my cars and people back