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in game vocabulary

  • Thread starter DeletedUser113901
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This guide is ment to help new players learn basic ingame expressions and abbreviations.
SA = stone age
BA = bronze age
IrA = iron age
IA = iron age
EMA = early middle ages
HMA = high middle ages
LMA = late middle ages
CA = colonial age
InA = industrial age
IndA = industrial age
Indus = industrial age
PE = postmodern era
ME = modern era
PME = postmodern era
CE = contemporary era
TE = tomorrow
FE = the future
AF = artic future
OF = oceanic future
VF = virtual future
SPM = space age: Mars
SP:M = space age: Mars
RH = rogue hideout
Champ retreat = champion's retreat
WW = wishing well
SoK = shrine of knowledge
SoI = shrine of inspiration
SoA = shrine of awe
TF = terrace farm
SSW = sacred sky watch
Farm = farm
Farm = fruit farm
Farm = goat farm
Farm = terrace farm
Farm = vertical farm
FoY = fountain of youth
RF = ritual flame
HoF = hall of fame
ToI = tholos of idols
Palace = Maharaja's palace
SK = shrink kit
Reno = renovation kit
GB = great building
In the mud = level 0
Lvl = level
Chest = contribution reward
Obs = observatory
ToR = temple of relics
OoD = oracle or Delphi
SoZ = statue of Zeus
ToB = tower of Babel
LoA = lighthouse of Alexandria
Colo = colosseum
HS = Hagia Sofia
CoA = Cathedral of Aachen
ND = notre dame
SMB = saint Mark's basilica
CdM = castel del Monte
SBC = saint Basil's cathedral
DC = Deal castle
FoD = frauenkirche of Dresden
RAH = royal Albert hall
Traz = Alcatraz
CF = château Frontenac
Atom = atomium
SN = space needle
CC = cape Canaveral
LT = lotus temple
IT = innovation tower
DT = dynamic tower
VV1 = voyager V1
RFP = rainforest project
SV = seed vault
AO = arctic orangery
Krak = the Kraken
AM = Atlantis museum
BG = the blue galaxy
TA = terracotta Army
HC = Himeji castle
More coming soon.


Thanks bradype those are quite helpful. What is your definition of "coming soon" if I may ask? (I'm not being ungrateful though).


@bradype I would like to add that SAM is also used for Space Age Mars.
TF for Terrace Farm
Great guide otherwise!:)