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In-game achievements

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Warrant Officer
indeed, but i think i'll use them when i first see on what DA a player has, as its the only rapid deployment unit i have ; )
There is no defensive setup until CE that can kill anything before your turn with 1 tank 7 rogues attack. You don't need rapid deployment.
As for damaging, battle tank has (iirc) higher initiative than RFC, which is probably the only way you can get any damage in your hood.
Also tanks in def are questionable.


oh WOW! nice CB season for my guild this week, and many free fights : D
increased 1.7M rp! and one of korch's top 10 fighter of the day! yay!


Warrant Officer

Incomplete collection plus lucky HC. No SC, no GBG, all BG charges are used and fp spent before collecting the rest (because hey, spending 5 diamonds on full collection duplicates anything except what you really need) - that's another 400 fp I need to get rid of in the matter of seconds.
Maybe it's time to increase bar limit? It does look a little bit full.


i must say that...the space marines are really painful...
fighting SAM in FE is hell!

think the combination best against 8 space marine is 8 rail gun
tesla are easy to defeat with hovers
sentinels are very easy when using 1 hover and 7 rogue
sniperbot is also well cleared out with hovers
steel warden...the force field really is annoying, but at least turtrets do a great damage!
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