I'm looking to join the best guild in Arvahall :) So send me an invite pls!

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Sir Thomas The Blue

Hey guys, looking to join a great guild, but unfortunately there is no guild rank table anywhere so I'm relying on you lovely people to send me an invite so I can join the best one available! In return you will get a very active member (5+ hours minimum every day) and also a very social member, (love to talk lol) so if I am worthy to join up with you band of brothers/sisters :) then let us begin.....

Sir Thomas The Blue

Forgot to add that I will polish/motivate everyday and have Lumber and Dye to trade, had stone and marble too but had to knock them down :( due to expansion of army lol


Access global Ranks like so (Pressing the orange three people first)....


Then for Guilds:

Global Guilds.jpg