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Amy Steele

Dear all,

For some time now there has been the ability to add a poll to threads in the Ideas section. From today we would like to encourage you to add a poll when posting a new idea, as we will be transitioning away from using the old 'post +1 if you support this idea, post -1 if you don't' system.

Why are we making this change?
Quite simply, in order to make it easier to manage the 'Warm/Hot/Scorching' popularity system. Adding up all those +s and -s in every thread is highly labour intensive and quite impractical, but we wanted to keep the system in place as it's a great indicator of how popular an idea is within the community.

Are there any guidelines on poll type and poll questions?
Yes, please use the default options for polls, as shown in the image below:
Polls 1.PNG

As you can see, these are:
Maximum Selectable Choices - Single choice - this should be 'Yes' or 'No' with the question worded in such a way that voting 'Yes' means the player supports the idea, and 'No' means they do not support the idea. Here are some suggestions for how to word your question:
  • Do you support this idea?
  • Do you like the idea?
  • Would you like to see my idea implemented?
Of course you can word your question any way you like, but please remember - the only possible answers should be 'Yes' and 'No' and the question needs to be worded in such a way that a 'Yes' vote shows the player supports the idea, and a 'No' vote means they do not support the idea.

Allow voters to change their votes - as your idea evolves, it may be that someone who was previously against the idea may now be in favour, or vice versa. It's therefore important that votes can be amended over time, in order that the vote reflects the current state of the community's support for the idea as it stands.

Allow the results to be viewed without voting - this is absolutely crucial, as if you do not allow the results to be viewed without voting, moderators cannot see the results either! This would mean we would still need to count + and - posts, and that would make your poll pointless!

Important: Please do not check either 'Display votes publicly', or 'Close this poll after:' - polls in the Ideas section need to be of unlimited duration, and we have decided that they should be secret.

A guide to how to post polls will be posted soon, but they are pretty straighforward. If you have any problems posting your poll please drop me a message on the forum and I will assist you. Alternatively, post your thread without the poll and we will add it for you.

What happens to threads posted before today?
For the time being, in threads posted before today we'll continue to use the old 'post +1/-1' system, so the 2 systems will run in tandem until such time as all old threads are processed. It may be that at some point in the future we will choose to add polls to older threads, but for now we will only add them to new threads going forward.
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