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Ideas Already Suggested

Amy Steele

  • Add "Skip turn" & "fast" combat functions
  • Add a "grid on/off" toggle
  • Add a "notebook"
  • Add an "OK" button to the current research window
  • Add an allies/enemies system
  • Add an army testing area
  • Add an awards system
  • Add an icon to indicate if a player's in a guild
  • Add an indicator for guildmembers' last log-ins
  • Add an indicator for new guild forum messages
  • Add bonusses to selected cultural buildings and/or sets
  • Add Diamonds to the market
  • Add icons and timers to the event history
  • Add more PVP & NPC combat scenarios
  • Add more PVP & NPC combat scenarios
  • Add mouse-over labels for resources
  • Add sorting functions to the trading window
  • Add space for notes
  • Add timers for guild-member visits
  • Add timers to show when polishings end
  • Age dependant battles
  • Change the polish/motivation rewards
  • Changing goods deposits
  • Confirm before replacing roads & houses
  • Confirm before we start new world
  • Give 25% back for selling roads and diamond buildings
  • Goods buildings' appearance should evolve through the eras
  • Guild-Forum New Post indicator
  • Hide or minimize unit statistics in battle
  • Implement vacation mode
  • Improve guild trading ratios & procedures
  • Introduce "champion monuments"
  • Let players opt out of plundering (on separate servers, perhaps?)
  • Make "collect all" a package deal
  • Make multiple offers of same trades
  • Make the animation optional
  • Make the attack/support cycle 23 hours
  • Move to different neighbourhoods
  • Newbie plundering thresholds
  • Provide accurate timers for troop healing
  • Removal of the happiness indicator
  • Revise the military system
  • Trade production/gold
  • Units from sold barracks should redeploy to other barracks
  • Units should be assigned to barracks
  • Ventrilo or Teamspeak Channel