Ideal No Army City Design For Beginners (Bronze Age)

Discussion in 'Guides' started by Serene Doge, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. Serene Doge

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    Efficient No Army City Design For Beginners (Bronze Age)

    serene doge design.jpg

    I think I made it very efficient,
    I mean I used least roads as possible
    Population is balanced.
    Happiness is: 682 needed 686 provided
    You can produce every goods in bronze age.
    Most important thing is its very convenient to expansion, actually thats how I figured out this design, it has a system ,not randomly connected, so wont collapse when u add a new expansion
    About buildings, what u should care is building space, I mean u can have more/less houses/blacksmith or differnbt types of houses, thats not the point.

    I started game 2 days ago and made some differnt designs and wasted some of my money, other new players like me can use this format to save time and money and increase efficiency.

    btw I havent used Roads in this one cos havent discovered yet using it maybe result enthusiastic(%120 prod.)

    if u ask why no army, cos I made a lot of them and conqurerd as much as possible in pve and stuck cos I need new age units(altough I cleared some of them still need) and ended 1st at pvp and not much was paying attention to that. So I dont need bronze age army anymore.

    Serene Doge , En server 7
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  2. Surge

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    Apr 12, 2012
    It's a pretty good design, but it lacks Productivity space. What you have is a specialization, Blacksmiths. That is not good. You need to consider future buildings into the mix. Also, another mistake is building the goods buildings that you don't have boosts for. Extra money sink, topped with taken valuable space that could have had military buildings or better production buildings.
  3. Serene Doge

    Serene Doge Guest

    what you mean by Productivity space?
    Yes its blacksmith specliaztion for bronze age cos its the best.
    I think this one is capable of future buildings just forget about building types and check their spaces, there are places for everybuilding wtihout destroying roads. Yeah I know I dont have boost but my neighbourhood is dead so I just wanted to put them all they are temporary, I am learning game checking everything, I will replace them with new 3x3 buildings. Just consider empty spaces not building types.
  4. Serene Doge

    Serene Doge Guest

    here is how it looks atm

    serene doge design2.jpg

    dunno why pictiures so small,
    is there a way to increase size?
  5. Serene Doge

    Serene Doge Guest

    ok I find a great simulator so I made some brainstorming about my current design
    Finally made this combination fit;
    44 2x2
    9 3x3
    2 3x2
    1 2x3

    Here it is hop it guides or inspire others;

    serene doge design3.jpg
  6. Serene Doge

    Serene Doge Guest

    just wanted to show my current progress and system not collapsing,

    serene doge design4.jpg
  7. Error 123

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    Dec 23, 2016
    Question: what is a domestication pen and how do i get it
  8. joesoap

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    Feb 17, 2013
    its the bronze age premium production building, you get it by spending 200 diamonds to build it
  9. Augustavian

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    Dec 9, 2016
    Huh, so they finally added a premium production building for bronze age....maybe they let you have that instead of that damned longhouse in the tutorial too? Hahaha yeah right....