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Hydroelectric Eel, How do you defeat them?


Hello everyone, can someone tell me how to defeat: 3x Hydroelectric Eel , 1x Recon Raider, 4x Dragon Drones.
I am losing badly against this set-up in the Guild Expedition, level 2.


Nice, 3 answers and 3 different unit compositions! :D
I have a feeling your attack/def boost is not high enough. Look carefully the stats of enemy units and choose your units that have bonus against those. A few rogues always helps.
I know there is one encounter 6th or 7th in level 2 that get me a headache in every age.


1 dragon drone 7 rogues, hold back the drone for the first turn them auto, ....will wipe out all the eels with no losses


I think all the suggestions work so you have 4 or 5 ideas to try.
Even 8 ranged would work with a few losses as everytime the eel shot a unit it would get shot back, so theres loads of options