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How to win battles in Canturia

  • Thread starter DeletedUser4381
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I was wondering if anyone could tell me what army I should use to defeat the right hand sector in Canturia. I keep losing the battle.



Hey Benzo123, welcome to the Forums. :)

For next time I'd advise you to use the little search function on the top right of the screen. 'The best army' is an often discussed topic.

What's best depends on what you have available and what you are facing. Since you did not include either in your post, I can't really help you.
What I can do is give you this link about unit stats, that might help you make a decision:
-Vanguard.-'s Military Stats guide

Hope that helps!

- L


Hi Lodroth.

I am up against 5 heavy infantry and 3 trebuchets. I have 4 Spearfighters, 4 Warriors, 4 Soldiers, 4 Archers, 4 Legionnaires, 4 Ballistas and 3 Mounted Archers. I have tried many different combinations but I am also beaten.

Hope the info helps.



Use your 4 Ballistas to take out the trebuchets first. Check the turn counter at the bottom and plan your attack so that you take out a trebuchet before it hits you, if possible.

Fill your army up with 4 Archers and don't do anything with them for their first turn. Second turn they can start moving up to the Infantry, but try to keep out of range from their walk distance.

Once the Trebuchets are taken out, just nuke the infantry by running away from them and shooting at them.

Because you are fighting units that are of higher Age than yours, you will get some losses and the infantry will have a big defense, but as long as you keep your distance, you should be able to take them out.

- L
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Thanks for the advice I will try it my only worry is will I be able to keep attacking the heavy infantry with my archers and not get killed by them. I hope they can't reach me.


Please can anybody give me an advice how I can win left Canturia region with these troops in defense:
4 crossbowmen+4 heavy infantry?

I tried to use 4 archers+4 ballistas, then 5 archers+3 ballistas, every time unsuccesfully.

I have only these troops in my city:
mounted archers

And I won't be able to produce catapultas soon.
What combination of archers and ballistas do you recommend to try to use to be able to win this region?
Maybe more archers (6 or even 8)?

P.S. It is strange, but I won other two regions of Canturia quite easily.


Since the Heavy Infantry is slow I would suggest 5 Mercenaries and 3 Archers (or 4 Mercs & 4 Archers if you only have 1 building).
Use the Mercenaries to get to the Crossbowmen fast and take them out. If possible, stay in Bushes and Trees as much as possible.
The Xbows have no bonus versus the Mercs and Mercs have pretty good defense.
Xbows also have a reasonable defense, so Balistas won't do much.

Don't get me wrong, you will get losses from your Mercs, but with what you have available, I'd try that anyway.

The Mercs will be taken out by the Heavy Infantry if they get close, but you'll be able to deal some damage back through retaliation.
Just try to kill the Heavy Infantry with your Archers.

- L