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How to restart FoE without loosing all GBs? is it even possible?

angua w.

In chat i see lots of people in bronze age with huge GBs they cannot have researched yet. How do they do it ?

Usually it is ARCs but I have also seen big babels and other small fry GBs with high levels in bronze age.


Chief Warrant Officer
You don't need to research the GBs. You can build any GB as long as you have the Blueprints and the goods, regardless of your age. You can get the goods via trade, and you can buy the Blueprints you need once you have at least one BP for a particular GB.

Knight of ICE

FoE Team
Forum Moderator
You can get blueprints by helping (motivating/polishing) buildings from other players. You can get a blueprint from the age of the building you help. All it takes is players from higher ages in your guild and friendslist.

Overlord Dex

Master Corporal
Step One: Find at least one player in a guild with an Arc and either join the guild or become their friend.

Step Two: Keep giving forge points towards helping them 'level up' until you have a full set of Blue Prints.

Step Three: Ask people in your guild or friends if they'd be happy to make 'uneven' trades ie 100 of a Contemporary good for 100 of Future goods , as you having an Arc is to everyone's benefit.

All within the rules and perfectly fine.