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Implemented: How much your guild players have donated.

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there are so many ways that players can contribute to a guilds gvg efforts that it would be impossible to have it all on a list & know who deserves a share of the benefits, i know this idea is to help identify what players have donated to the treasury but what about the players that take unfair trades to provide goods for others to donate, or players that have given up space to build GBs to add to the support pool or provide goods into the treasury & the players that add fps to help level up these GBs, or those that have built HoFs, or the players that motivate the HoFs so they give double power so the guild levels up quicker, or the player that isn't at a high enough age to produce goods or fight but watches the maps & lets the guild know when they are under siege
All these players deserve credit not just the ones that are most visible
This. Many players make other valuable contributions than treasury goods and unless those are taken into account a "scorecard" like this will just cause animosity. There isn't even a record of who's conquered hexes for the guild (just a bugged-up semi-log that retains some of the battle information for a couple of hours at best). How does fighting 90% of the battles for a new hex compare to someone putting 100 goods into the treasury? Who's going to arbitrate when there are disagreements over the relative value of the various contributions?

GvG has ruined enough friendships as it is.


One would hope that people would realize that this only considers goods donated and that others may be contributing in other ways (potentially more meaningful depending on the action). While I agree it could and probably will cause arguments if implemented those same arguments can be started now. Because it is hard to see who is placing what goods in the treasury those that do lots and know that they personally contribute a lot feel alone because they can't see others putting in the same effort.

When it comes to guild animosity, it's down to the guild members to keep it under control. I think with this in place most guilds will be able to work out a goods donation system that will suit most of their members and they'll have a tool to monitor it. It's up to the guilds to decide exactly what value they place on the numbers they'd see using this feature and what value goods donation has compared to other actions. If the values of the guild members don't line up maybe they'd be better looking for other guilds that do match their values (similar to those members who left GvG active guilds to find ones not participating) and this doesn't have to be on a bad note, the people can still be friends they just have to accept they want to play differently.


One would hope that people would realize that this only considers goods donated and that others may be contributing in other ways (potentially more meaningful depending on the action).
Yeah, one would hope a lot of things! But people get emotional, forget it's a game meant for fun and relaxation, get hurt, act hurtful, even propose things like "turning off GvG rewards" for guildmates they feel aren't contributing, as if they've forgotten they can just ask someone to leave.

If this log gets implemented I sure hope it's only visible to the guild founder and to oneself.


If this log gets implemented I sure hope it's only visible to the guild founder and to oneself.
I thought the idea was to give recognition to those donating in which case all guild members should be able to view. It will stir up the same feelings associated with polivation or fair trading but guilds manage to cope in the main with these issues so no reason why they couldn't cope with donations. Those guilds that are a little more chilled out will be fine and others will do what they always do and generate a host of rules to follow with spreadsheets galore to monitor activity.


It'll be as much a blacklist as an honour roll. And it's not the same as polivation - with polivation we each only see who does us personally, not who does/doesn't polivate the rest of the guild or how often (unless we undertake some sort of investigation, which we'd normally only do if there are other problems with a player).

And fair trades/polivation are also very straightforward eye-for-an-eye deals, whereas (as noted above) how donated goods compare to other supportive activities isn't clear-cut. And if everyone can see the log, it's going to lead to squabbles. Not everyone playing FoE is as enlightened as your guildmates clearly are. :cool:


+1 for the idea to have visibility about who donated what to the treasury. But I don't like the idea of having a cumulating account of what everyone has donated. Instead, I would propose a log that shows each time someone has donated to the treasury (similar to how the event history shows mot/pol). This would give people credit for donating, but reduce the potential "blacklist" issue.
Maybe have an opt in opt out select button for those in the guild that do not want to use a feature like this.

Our fighters for instance donate very little to the treasury and the producers of course a lot.

Kimba Lioness

This is another I am going to enquire about also :) seems very popular.


Appeareantely i've already +1 on this idea.
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This is a definite +1.

At the moment guilds rely on people posting honestly in group mails to have any idea who is contributing what. I for one couldn't be bothered doing that every time, often several times a day, I added goods. There will be players like myself who contribute massively to guild treasuries and get no credit for it.

A log of guild treasury contributions just as there is a log of gvg map contributions makes complete sense.


There is an existing suggestion for this already to which I have added this thread in support.



taken to the next step it would be useful from a guild management point of view to be able to see in the members list a radio button just like active in last days that shows:
recently donated; donated in last 7 days; donated in last 30 days
recently fought in GvG; fought in last 7 days; fought in last 30 days
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