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History is NOT available through messaging window, as stated

    • World: Arvahall
    • Browser and Version: app on iPad
    • Overview of the bug: In the message that shows briefly (often too briefly) when logging in, there was text to the effect that event history can be accessed through the messaging window. This is not correct, it is only available through the town hall.
    • Screenshots: It comes and goes far too fast for a reaction time!
    • How often this occurs: n/a
    • Urgency: Minor. It is confusing and unprofessional but does not affect play.
    • Preventative Actions: n/a
    • Summary: Message needs changing.
    • I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Yes
    • Have you tried fixing it by using these methods?: n/a


I presume you mean the "Did you know?" hints that appear in the right bottom of the screen?
I have tried to reproduce this on iOS however not able to see this message. It might be tough to do but a screenshot would be helpful or let us know if you see it again
Yes, tat's the message. I wasn't sure it was always headed 'Did you know.'

No chance of a screenshot - by the time I realise that is the message (have to speed-read them as it is!), there is just no time to get my fingers in place to take a shot of it. Often, I am still assimilating the message while my town is displaying.

I have noticed it since lodging this bug report but can't recall just when or which world.

I can only suggest a search for the text string in the database.

Amy Steele

Although we are not able to reproduce this right now, as the 'Did you know?' texts are currently Summer Event specific ones, we have passed this on, so that in the meantime, those who are able to check the database can do so. Once the Summer Event is over, we will check this again.

As hawknz said, please do let us know if you see it again :)