Event Hero's Tale


So you didn't face the problem of the XXL provinces together with the travel time.
It's quicker to take the first sectors in ME using PE troops, than finishing those XXL provinces.
Have you thought of negotiating? In which world are you stuck?
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i play on my lappy early morning and evening, then at work i use my iphone at work.... pretty much every day (including today) i had to download new content before i could play which was after placing the speakers corner in my city.

will edit this post after each ios 'download new content' or once it appears
speakers corner still not displayed (after having to download extra content to play today)

out of interest i entered building menu, selected a canal bridge and it was showing green in the speakers corner 3x3 footprint meaning i could have placed it

if i'd done so i wonder if my speakers corner would have disappeared .?



King Dael

I wouldn't mind an annual memorial event for Anwar.
Hmm... this thread makes me remember the good "old" FoE days. :blush:


So does that mean we will be able to get a better version of the speaker's corner? like how it works with graveyards and confectionary?