Heroes of the Drenai are Recruiting!


Heroes of the

Good day to you all.

I am Seraphael, Naashanite warrior and one of three founders of the guild 'Heroes of the Drenai'. Please feel free to contact me at any time. We are pleased to announce that we are now recruiting new members.

After the fall of legendary Dros Delnoch, survivors, decendants and friends to the Drenai took refuge under a single flag. From the shadows we rebuilt what was broken. Honouring the legacy of the Silverslayer, Druss the Legend, the Drenai will raise again.

And the time is now!

We are a young alliance, looking for dedicated and loyal players to help us in our quest of growth...
If you are regular players, happy to help your friends and allies when you can, and loyal then we want you.

HOTD are involved in all aspects of the game at varying levels so, whether you are a peaceful farmer who enjoys production and trade or a battle hardened warrior, you will fit in alongside other like minded guild members.

We aim to build a strong foundation and strive to form a reflection of the Drenai that once was. With this foundation in mind we have taken the unique route of a hierarchy system. With different paths available (military, produce, trade, council, etc.) you can quickly work your way up through the ranks to become a fearsome leader. your potential has no limits.

We are a fair guild and my fellow founders and I are happy to help anybody whenever we can, as well as take advice and listen to ideas which could improve the guild.

If you feel like the 'Heroes of the Drenai' are the kind of alliance you could contribute to, please contact me at any time or apply to join the guild.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Heroes of the Drenai