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herbs goods not incrementing

  • Thread starter DeletedUser108326
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I am in the LMA of noarsil.
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World: noarsil

Browser and Version: google chrome ......latest?

Overview of the bug: I have the goods package for dried herbs and the factory for making them but every time I collect the herbs my total does not increase?
I have been watching this for about a week now and blaming the fact that I must be doing a swap just before I shut down and not recording it but I have specially checked before I log off on the last few occasions and there has been no increase?

Screenshots: none

How often this occurs: Every time I collect goods after logging on. I have not checked before gathering goods I will do that next time.

Urgency: not urgent

Preventative Actions: nothing

Summary: see overview

I have performed a quicksearch of the forums using a select few keywords relating to my bug to see if it has already been reported: Yes.

Have you tried fixing it by using these methods?: Yes.


Thank you for reporting this to us, matelot2.

Please click this link to be taken to the support area. Once there, create a new ticket and someone from our team will be able to review your production and collection logs. :)


It has not happened for the last two sign-ons, the herbs increased. Maybe I am imagining it. I will monitor it more before getting support involved .
thanks for the reply.