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Help Save Your Co Community Manager Contest discussion thread


If you have any questions or wish to discuss this contest this is the thread to do it in :)

happy posting and good luck everyone.

You can post your submissions here

Just remember that they will go invisible to everyone but staff until after the competition is over :)


Idea for this event is good and everyone can participate in it. Making banners(titles) is easy and it hardly requires any skills.

Be creative and do your best - dont make me to steal your prize :D


Is it possible to edit your submission once you've already posted it in the thread?
Once you've submitted your idea it's no longer possible to edit it, I'm afraid.

What you could do in this case, is submit a new entry, and include that the previous one wasn't correct :)
In that case we'll be aware of it.


I'll just make sure I submit the correct ones the first time :)

Another question though, the contest thread states there is a "Senior Moderator" rank, yet there's only a "Super Moderator" rank on the forums, which is the correct one?


I am changing their name to Senior Moderator. Super Moderator sounds like an ego boost :P


I have a few problems in game,but i playing,dont undersatand what competition for diamonds and how?tnx and good day all


you create staff titles.. You see under my name the title Community manager? well am looking for more graphics for them so players can create thier own. The top player who creates one, we will use it :) and give the winner a title of their own and yummy diamonds.


Hey adeandhikaa,

It is indeed an interesting event, and guess what?
Until further notice, Blacksmith is holding a contest every month with a diamond reward!
So keep an eye out :)

- L