Hello Dinegu!


Hello vule2 and welcome to the forums.
I'm speaking Croatian and I'm glad you joined the community.

Also, as moderator of this forum I ask you to read the rules and to follow them. ;)


Hi everyone, just went into the iron age and looking to join a guild on Dinegu. I play daily here and on another world. So please send me an invite....thanks :)


Hello Hope the filfth and welcome to the forums.
If you are looking for a guild it would be good to check the recruitment sub forum that can be found here. Also if you check the global chat located ingame, there will usually be people there that are looking for new members for their guide.

Best of luck to you in the game :)


good day all
I look for activ pleyers
who dont like big guilds
and like to fight in gvg
ᙡᙓ ᗩᖇᙓ ᖇᙓᑕᖇᘮ♈ᓰﬡᘐ


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Welll helllo every one. This place seem's a little quite I am sure I am not the only Dinegu person around here. :D
nope you are not the only Din PLayer here , I would like to know how much longer the stupid Announcement Thread that you can not leave , change , amend or delete is going to remain in our message centres ???


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I am talking about the one that informs us of the Mobile Update ??? THIS IS THE BROWSER VERSION !!!!! , we dont need constant reminder of the MOBILE UPDATE