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Hi, let me say that prior to the supposed last update when i went elsewhere- gvg, ge, map etc and returned my city was much smaller than what it is right now- i could also zoom right out and see the entire city on the screen, however, this last say week if i go over to ge, gvg, anywhere else and return, my city is always zoomed right up close, two ss's below added, i was wondering if anyone else has the same or similar issues please?



Thank you Klods, it really is annoying to say the least, i do not understand where they say " the zoom level is now set to the medium distance to keep the city in the focus of the game." does not actually make any sense at all and it is grammatically incorrect ! In focus? for me it is out of focus being too close...( and these are supposedly improvements? )


It's weird, alright. Could there possibly be a simpler way to provide a desirable "customization" for the players, than simply returning them to the zoom they obviously prefer? All they needed to do, was nothing, so, obviously, they did something... I guess we've all been guilty of the occasional overthink, but, as overthinks go, this one is a prize exemplar.

I'm sure someone on the development team made a sensible objection, and was overruled. Whoever that was, should consider themselves vindicated by user response, award themselves a confidence boost, and be payed more attention to in the future.

Amy Steele

Thanks folks, this thread is a duplicate of the one found here. As you can see from thread, we have forwarded your feedback. It's likely that changes will be made to the way the zoom currently works in the not too distant future