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Haven Is Looking for Active Expeditionists


Greetings, travelers!

I've come before you on this fine day to tell you about the adventures of a group of explorers founded with one simple goal: to uncover the secrets buried within the temples of the nameless island and to turn them into riches so staggering their foes would weep with envy.

Their tale began just a few months ago, in the mild breeze of a May evening. Since then, our heroes were able to dispatch most of their adversaries with ease, delving deep into the volcanic wasteland at the heart of the isle. As a reward for their bravery in battle and cunning at the bargaining table, a plethora of hidden knowledge and forbidden relics was bestowed upon them.

That tightly knit band of lords and ladies is united under the Banner of the White Sun.

They call themselves Haven.

... alright. It may just be the case that RP is not everyone's cup of tea. So, here are some actual facts about why we're amazing and you want to join us:
  • We're all about the Guild Expedition. Completion of level 3 is required by each member every week. When necessary, there isn't a single one of us not willing to push all the way to the end. For reference, the week we got our only silver cup ended at 131.7% total completion and the only reason we stopped there was because our opponents (who were 50:0:0 at the time) had already maxed out before us. The week before that, we brought down another 50:0:0 guild with a final completion of 132.6%. Our track record is 19:1:0.
  • The usual FP swapping threads are present and heavily frequented. Great Buildings at level 0 are given extra attention so that you can get them out of the mud as quickly as possible.
  • A dedicated trade chat is in place where you can post urgent requests and get them filled in a matter of hours, sometimes minutes.
  • We have players from a variety of ages ranging from HMA up to PE.
  • If you're looking for blueprints, we've got you covered. Among our members we have all GBs up to PE as well as several Arcs, Innovation Towers and Cape Canaverals. Our special weeklong swap group is there to help you acquire specific BPs while still getting something in return.
  • Because we have members from all around the world, there's (almost) always someone online and willing to chat.
  • All in all, we're an outstandingly active and supportive community that will make your time in FoE that much more worthwhile!

There are of course also some things we would like you to bring to the table:
  • As stated above, GE is our thing. Completion of 48 encounters is mandatory every week and you should be willing to push to 64 if the circumstances call for it. That being said, we realise that we are only as strong as our weakest member so you can expect a lot of skewed trades flying your way if you're having trouble completing level 4 in a tough week.
  • If you know in advance that you won't be able to play at all for an entire week or longer, we'd appreciate you leaving the guild temporarily. Every member's participation the GE counts the same and at our current size, 64 encounters by one player equal over 5% total completion. It goes without saying that you can rejoin instantly once you're back. Also, nobody will hold it against you if there's an emergency IRL and you can't tell us beforehand. After all, this is still a game and we know that, too.
  • Trade fairly. 1:1 for same-age goods and 1:2 across one age. Unfair trades are alright if you're trying to get your hands on high-end goods for a GB or helping someone out.
  • Having an Observatory and/or Arc is not strictly necessary but it'd still be nice if you could cover your share of the cost of unlocking all those GE levels, especially if you're in an age where we don't have a lot of treasury GBs already.

If you like what you just read, think you have what we're looking for and want to know more, send an in-game mail to TheOriginalBagger and all your problems shall be taken care of! Well, some of them at least. ;)

Cheers and happy relic hunting,
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