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    Happiness is a priority for getting the most of out of your city as it affects how much coins and supplies you receive when collecting. It also affects how many points you receive after battles.
    [​IMG] The angry face means you have not reached the required happiness and your productions will only work at 50% efficiency meaning a loss of coins and supplies.

    [​IMG] The Happy face means you have hit the demand for happiness and your productions will work at 100%.

    [​IMG] The Enthusiastic face means you have reached a happiness value of more the demand for happiness plus 40%. This gives you a bonus of 20% over the normal amount paid out by buildings that produce coins and supplies.

    Happiness Calculations

    To work out how much happiness we need to produce enthusiastic we use the simple calculation of the demand for happiness multiplied by 1.4.


    As can be seen here the Demand for Happiness is 242, so if we multiply that by 1.4 we get 339 and that is the target to reach with happiness.

    When placing new housing though we can use a slightly different formula.
    If we divide our provided happiness by 1.4 we get how much population we can have before we lose enthusiastic. So in this example 360 divided by 1.4 is 257. We then subtract the demand for happiness so 257-242=15. This means we could add 15 more population before we lose enthusiastic.

    If you intend to add several houses then divide this number by the population of the house type you want to add and round the answer down.​
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    it can also mean
    you are using the angry strategy (can be very profitable)
    no happiness at all and using the space for more buildings

    together with St. Marcs and Lighthouse of Alexandria

    let's say St. Marcs is already at level 10: 250% coin boost
    so an angry house produces 50% + 250% = 300% coins
    and enthusiastic people would produce 120% + 250% = 370% coins

    so people could think: unhappy they would need 2.4 times the houses to get the same amount of coins (24 instead of 10)
    but in reality they only need 23.33% more houses: so 13 instead of 10 houses and you are already making a profit

    similar for supplies

    so angry doesn't automatically mean a loss of coins and supplies ;)
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    @Test Ament I would disagree with you. If its angry face, don't houses produce half of what's possible? Multiply 100 with 0.5 and you'll get 50.
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    angry houses produce 50
    but St. Marcs (level 10) adds 250 and don't care about your happiness

    that is how InnoGames calculate boosts: plus
    not multiply what would be logical

    so angry: 50%+250% which is then 300%
    compared to enthusiastic 120%+250% what would be 370%

    (that is how it is not how it would be correct or logical)
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    Something is not right here.
    Houses not producing percentage, they producing coins, so house with 100 coins per day with angry face will produce 100*0.5=50 coins and StM will only boost that to 50*2.5=125 coins. While house with happy face will produce 100*1.2*2.5=300 coins.

    Sorry my bad, I forgot that FoE takes initial production for each percentage, so its 100*1.2+100*2.5=370 while with angry face its 100*0.5+100*2.5=300. Correct!
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    St. Marks boosts coin basis vaule
    100 coins boosted with 250%= 250 coins extra
    +50 coins for angry make 300 coins

    happy people with a 100 coins base value will produce 370 coins

    so please inform yourself before you say something

    so you get 100% and 370% of the basis value of a house
    so everything I write is correct in the way how Innogames calculates how much coins you get

    so your math is mathematically correct but it isn't correct in FoE because here Innogames decides how many coins you get and not correct math
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    Agree! corrected initial post! :)
    Well, they mentioned this method somewhere (can't remember where exactly). Its done so that players won't be able to stack buffs to a ridiculous numbers.
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    Isn't there a chart somewhere that tells you what each building demands in happiness?
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    What for do you need chart? Just have more happiness than population