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Hanseatic League

  • Thread starter DeletedUser12400
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Hanseatic League
We are Hanseatic League. We live and breathe Houndsmoor.
We brought together smart, talented players and unleashed their combined creativity
on the Houndsmoor. We’re fully aware that we’re rattling a few cages. We firmly believe
that the best work comes from it — and the people behind it. That’s the thing.
They’re our people. Not our staff, our associates, our members bees, or anything like that.
They provide the method to our madness. And their passion and creativity don’t start
or stop at our front door. With that kind of energy, we don’t do the “lone wolf” thing.
Strategy, creativity and tactics all live together. Teamwork is the only way we work.
Together, we'll come up with radical ideas and execute them flawlessly.


What We Offer
Long-standing community with a lot of experience in organizing and leading events.
Active and social community, skype group with enthusiatstic members. Emphasis on teamwork and fun!

You will receive 8 forge points a day from your town hall.
Reduction of coin and supply cost of all buildings by 18%.
Time reduction to recruit and heal units by 32%.

Join The Team
We have positions available and we’re always looking for proactive,
sociable and active people to help grow the guild. Join us and you could grow too!
We’re not your average guild. Before you apply to our guild please make sure you
have fully read and that you understand and agreed to the Guild Charter.

If you desire a well established, well respected guild to call home,
then visit our guild website read on and see if we are right for you!
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I am in Hanseatic League but out of all the guilds/alliances I have been in across a lot of other games; I would rate this as one of the best. Too bad this game does not have a chat system. As a new player in this game; all the guild members have been extremely responsive in polishing/motivating cities, they offer appropriate advice. They have a fair intra guild trade system. We are in this for the long term so we look for stable players. We would never prevent a player from leaving.


Dear Raikatuji, thank you for the kind words, i am sure the game developers will be happy to read these kind of posts. As for the chat system, it has already been implemented in the beta server zz.forgeofempires.com. From what i know, it will be implemented in the other servers after the testing is finished there.


I have nothing negative to say about this guild. While I was a member my city was polished and motivated all day, rivalry between guilds is part of the game, play the game as you see fit and enjoy what you do.


I would like to add from my own perspective as a current player within Houndsmoor that Hanseatic League is truely a very supportive and organized guild. As a new member of this guild they have given me the opportunity to not only grow within the game but help this guild grow as well through sharing their vast experiences, friendly banter and competitive spirit. This is a great guild that is supported from top to bottom through it's ranks.


My, my;

I chuckle to myself at the moment because I am but a new player wanting to join a guild and when I find one that does take my interest it requires far more points than I have. At least, if I am to place a mention here, you will know to keep an eye open for me when the time comes.

And I am sure that time will come soon enough.



Hi I'm new to the game, over 18 years old and need to join a guild in the iron age, looking for advice and more than willing to help where I can.
I'm in Houndsmoor and need a invite, obviously not experienced yet and would love to join hanseatic union.
Regards wittonwinnie


Hi Overtype how's the game treating you!? Used to be a member of HL a while back,
but had to give up on Houndsmoor due to over exposure when Inno came up with this
thingy called GvG! Like your setup here! Excellent!!:D


Hello, I am a new player to this sever (used to play this game in other sever before) and am looking for a nice guild with great members. My in game character name is xla0AiRen (XLA-zero-AIREN). Please do take your time check my town and monitor my behavior. Thanks.

Thank You, can you ask them to send me an invitation? :D
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Great job on taking back first place.
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