Hammer of the Gods is recruiting


Master Corporal
Hammer of the Gods is recruiting.

We have been the top guild in Mount Killmore for 102/107 days. We operate a fair trade policy, support each other’s Great Buildings and there is an extra Forge Point from the town hall every day. There is a lively social side to the guild with many characters, and amusing or interesting members.

We are a GvG guild. In some guilds this just involves a few members but we are different – everyone must make a contribution either by fighting or donating large amounts of goods into the treasury.

We expect many things from our members (set out below) but if you if can meet them you will enjoy being in the guild and you will prosper. Please send me a message, confirming you meet the criteria and stating whether you will be a farmer or a fighter.

Be in the Early Middle Ages or higher.
Aid everyone in the guild most days, preferably every day.
Respond to messages within 24 hours.
Trade at the fair trade rates (set out in the wiki at http://forgeofempires.wikia.com/wiki/Trading)
Give 1 Forge Point to any member’s Great Building that is ‘on sticks’
Fight in GvG when called or contribute to the treasury 100+ goods each week
Not be in one of the guilds we are allied with - Blood of the Ruined, Troy, and Chef’s Lions