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Event Halloween Event 2019


There is still many hours of this event to go. I still stand a chance to get the sweets to gain the toold to get the 1 book I need. HOWEVER, there will be no time to complete the tasks as one is a 24 hour task.
What is the point?
So the Asylum will not get to the maximum level, and I can not complete the books task, yet I have completed every book given (even the duplicates).
This was a very badly organised game, and many more people will leave.
No offence, but I´d say you are somewhat spoiled (unintentionally/unknowingly) – Loong before the events became so frequent as they have been the last few years, players would easily wait one or two years for a event to contiune getting an event building up to maximum level. The small city I have in LMA started last year August and made it through - it does not even have several base GBs like LOA and St. Marks.

24H Quests can be reduced with boosts, both in the Tavern and standalone boosts and combined they will severely reduce the 24H time set. Also when an Event questline does not have any other Time Set quest for that particular day, choosing the 24H might be wise – it can always be stopped if a 4h or 8h comes up the following day.

Building +10 Blacksmiths surely also helps with these quests – I even do it in my SAM city, to reduce the interfearence on my normal play when no events are running – Usually I would put up 24 Blacksmiths, but at least 12. If not having enough space then use a store item or two to create the space while the event is running.

All Events have about the same type of Quests and if you are eager enough you can also find the Event Quest List online and plan accrodingly. I used to that but I dont anymore, because the variations on quests have their limits and patterns with some natural milestones to prevent taking all doable quests wihtin the first week. Still if planned it can be done and is done by players.

There are many other reasons why players might leave the game – Events are not one of them and the very reason they have become such a frequent part of the game.

Just play better - also you might even be lucky that the last upgrade will show up in the Antiques dealer after a while.


^Galladhorn - I fully agree with you!

Moreover, i really do hope that Puablo will not make a heart attack upon reading the next sentence:
With a hell of a planning I finished the Halloween 2019 rush-quests within the first day of the event - hope you are OK after reading this :)
I have to admit, the one book I really had problems in finding it was the 2nd silver - the red book.

In regards to the missing upgrade to show on Antique Dealer - I don't know if this makes any much sense but I think that all the upgrades ( from previous Events ) will be visible after next year's event is finished. I don't know why but this my hunch.
Although I am really sure that in next year's Halloween Event the Asylum's Upgrade will be as a daily special.


I'm not sure if there was some kind of tactic to this event...I have heard that some players did better by waiting for the larger package costing 395 candies. I always went for the pack that cost 195. Maybe that was my problem?
Not maybe. That was part of your problem.


Sadly I got royally skunked on the books as my main world missed out on 2 of the silvers. :(

Still, I walked away with a Lv9 house now occupied by a (probably) very lonely ghoul. ;)
Then why did you get skunked? Did your world fall apart cause you missed out on an avatar? :rolleyes: