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This thread is for discussing our Spooctacular event, Halloween 2016! You can find the full announcement and video here

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Happiness build, happiness build, happiness and coin build.
Bored of event already when does winter event start?

If they had kept in Mad Scientist's Lab or something like that then would of been interested but to replace it with a 1x1 happiness build shows how out of touch with players inno are.
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Steve Savage

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If there will be a lot of 1x1, 2x1, 1x2 happiness builds then it will frustrate the hell out of me and I will not be playing the event

Steve Savage

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Every thought about an event that centers around GE ?? Rewards based upon milestones reached for a guild, ie. percentage of fights guild completed, 3 rounds of 12 fights/negotiations x number of guild members. Guild rewards as well as personal rewards plus normal quest line??

Michael K.

I foresee the day when my city consists solely of a Town Hall, a Confectionery, a Graveyard and 2 conncting Road Tiles.
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If I use the store item on an object (ie Graveyard), does it count the same as selling it?
I would assume not as it's not the same function, but interesting question. Why do you ask?
Don't use store item on your graveyard, you may as well sell it during the event and get an upgrade in your inventory. Either way, it's out of your city.


no you keep it in your inventory
Thank you for your answer.... I knew it would keep the Graveyard in the inventory, I just wondered if it was a designed perk to the 'store item' (to create a much in demand prize) where the game mechanics treated the removing of an object from your city exactly the same as deleting an object no matter how you performed the action... it appears not.... cheers


It was a good thought though... If you have been playing over a year, so have an object to upgrade and have the Store Item, then you can upgrade and keep the old version too... nice bonus for those players that like different size versions of objects when city redesigning...


Wonderful! my 'build' button has just ceased to function since the arrival of the event.