Event Halloween Event 2015

I did not get prizes for both as I didn't receive the Haunted House for the Crossword. I only received the Scarecrow for the correct Word Search.

Big ol Proppa Bear

Thanks for the help with that. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with this but he's said that he's got the population and that it just won't let him build it. Anyway, I'll have in contact support. Cheers!


Take a look here
tks... missed a few indeed even though they were options i had considered while filling up the crossword

29) "candle" vs "crayon"; and
26) "banshee" vs "specter" connected with 27) "spooky" vs "creepy" connected with 30) "potions" vs "content"

Highly subjective but i guess not being english nor speaking it regularly didnt help either :(

Upapa Epops

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The trouble is it wasn't a cryptic crossword. Cryptic crossword clues very definitely only have one correct solution but they are usually much harder to solve.