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Event Halloween 2018


That moral decission holds no ground. You can not go past the tutorial without fighting, so if fighting is a problem that is the moment to stop.
True. I believe you need to win at most 5 battles to progress.
After that, you can burn your barracks.
I'm a complete pacifist in one of my worlds. Not for moral reasons, just to try an alternative playing strategy.
I found it odd to have no option other than fighting to finish Halloween. Odd, just because that hasn't been true for other recent events.
I compromised. Fight...knock off a couple units....Surrender. Repeat until done.
My battles won count is still at 5. So I can still call myself a pacifist, right???


You could actually get past the "intro" stages of the game with just 4 wins.


My oldest cities on En5 and En12 actually have empty space that I can't think of anything good to use it for right now. I've used every expansion I could afford, up to 1k diamonds, and just haven't put the space into use for anything.
I guess you could fill the space with barracks and fight:P Seriously though how hard is it to fill space with buildings whatever their nature. Even if it is just to produce goods for the treasury if you don't need or want them.


I found it odd I had to built cultural buildings. I am against culture.
I found it odd I need to aid. I am against aiding.
I found it odd I need to build buildings. I don't need them.
The reason it's odd this time, is it's been years since this was a requirement for an event.


it is odd that it didn't happen earlier that a player must do some fighting

6 years FOE and first time you must fight to finish an event

in that time at least 20 events couldn't be finished if a fighter didn't buy sectors on the map (or do GE negotiation but that doesn't exist very long)


But tracking fights, and shaming thugs is something the game does by displaying "battle wins" in the rankings. It doesn't do the same for all the friendlier actions you've pointed out.

Upupa Epops

Master Corporal
I'm one of those who is uncomfortable about fighting - even if it is only pixels :blush: But events are not compulsory and I'm happy to have been able to make it this far and get the Mad Scientist again. (I accidentally deleted my previous one and missed it dreadfully :(so I am so glad it came back for this year's event) The Dark Doorway doesn't really attract me anyway so it's all good :D


I can't physically pass #49 "Till Death Do Us Part". I am not a fighter in the game, but I will when necessary. I decided to take the negotiations throughout the event as that was more my play style. However, having to now finish the first difficulty is impossible for me as I do not, nor will I have the diamonds or resources necessary to complete. I would do the fighting, BUT I cannot win 5 battles in a row when the NPC's have power and defense boosts twice what I have. I really think that NPC's should have 0% boosts, enough players have ridiculous boosts, there's no need for the NPC's to also have them, let the mild pacifists have a chance (it's especially difficult for those JUST reaching a new age before the event starts).

I have prided myself on successfully completing all events, it is rather disappointing that suddenly, after years of playing, that I will not be able to complete this event. For someone that has played for several years and is basically waiting for content soon after the last batch is released, this is an absurd statement to have to make.


Why don't you attack players from the bottom of your n'hood? Most likely they will have weak defences (and boosts).


I've lost count the amount of times I've got diamonds from the event so far. I've used some diamonds for the negotiation quests but overall I've still got a net profit from it

Depends on the age of your city and the GBs you have available. The Graveyard is of course pointless if you've already got all the happiness you need from GBs. But for players with a happiness imbalance it's useful to use the graveyard instead of a cultural building.

Even in Industrial Age a EMA Old Graveyard has more happiness in a smaller area then any of the cultural buildings up until the last tech you research (excluding diamond buildings) - at which point for the size taken it's about even. If I were to upgrade it with all the kits I have available to a Monumental Graveyard it'll retain its value as is from Industrial Era right up to half way through the Future Era. 7 ages to stay relevant without updating isn't bad at all. By that stage I better have a reno kit handy to make it the same age - and then it'll be giving double what the future era cultural buildings give for a similar amount of space.

So basically the Graveyard is an amazing cultural building - but that's all it is. If you need happiness it's a very efficient way of getting it without using FPs. If you want to utilise the space for more then just happiness then it'd be worth looking at GBs or putting down the graveyard temporarily until a event building comes along that could replace the space it's taking up


I love the seasonal quest like the Fall questline, winter quest, Halloween quest. Ladt years hLloween event was fine, but this year the issue I have is that in a couple of the quest you have a choice to either defeat a LARGE army or solve this large encounter. The large army has 11 men @ colonial age were we can only use 8 men, for some players they are at late middle age, high middle age or lower an to compete against 11 colonial army men you wouldn't be able to win. Also to negotiate if you don't have that good deposit then you have to spend diamonds to pay to negotiate. I spent 45 diamonds vin one of my worlds but then if the negotiations are wrong you have to spend mre diamonds till you get it right. For those players who dont have a load f diamonds how can we negotiate an if our army is not strong enough how can e win...we can't which leaves us stuck and unable to complete the questline. Thats just my opinion and maybe something can change. I play 7 worlds and only in 2 of them cities could I advance from a the uest - defeat a large army or solve large negotiations. The other 5 cities I play are stuck at the point. Which is unfair because I dont have a lot of diamods even to advance in 1 city. And my army is not at a colonial level. NOT FAIR..BUT MY OPINION