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Implemented: [GvG] Guild Wars Idea



The awarding of players points in GvG in the same way as in PvP at 1 point for every 50 battle points is a great encouragement for players to get involved in Guild Wars and is a big step forward.
However there is no incentive for players to donate goods and/or armed units to help their Guild in Guild Wars. I would suggest that this would improve the game and give those players who want to help their Guild by just producing goods rather than fighting greater encouragement in being involved.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?

There does not seem to be any similar idea suggested.


To encourage players to take part in all aspects of Guild Wars and get players to donate their hard earned goods and troops for the benefit of the rest of the Guild.


Players who donate goods and/or armed units to help their Guild in Guild Wars should receive points added to their overall total. This would improve the game and give those players who want to help their Guild by just producing goods rather than fighting greater encouragement in being involved.
The benefit does not need to be great, maybe 1 point per 10 goods at iron age increasing to 7 points per 10 goods at progressive era and 2 points per army supplied at iron age and 14 points at progressive era.

Visual Aids:



More points will be available for players - but in relative terms there will be limited change giving more points to those actively involved in GvG.

Abuse Prevention:



Donating goods and/or armed units to help a Guild in Guild Wars should benefit the individual player in the form of points as well as any Guild wide benefit provided.
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Good idea LordBrian. This could help in having more members of a guild participating in the GW. Some players will do the fighting and they will be rewarded by having PVP points. Those who donate goods should have some sort of reward also.

+1 for me


I quite like this idea as well and it should be workable as well


+1 to this, at the moment there is no incentive for people/players to simply offload 8 units into a defence slot with no return.


I agree with there being some sort of reward to encourage goods donation, however the type of player not interested in fighting generally isn't motivated by points score ime. Perhaps a chance for a BP for donating goods?


Sadly I think Guild v Guild will die off as an active Guild participation event, why? because it has taken us all away from the game as a whole. To compete and to meet the impossible goods costs for sieges, attacks and reinforcing has meant that many of us have had to completely restructure our cities in a way that it makes it impossible to advance within the game as a whole. our whole pay time day is focused on scrapping together enough goods to meet the play costs followed by a frantic 1 hour or so of taking control of one or two sectors (dependent on if we have enough goods) then its back to collecting goods again ready for the next frantic hour in 24 hrs time. Boring!!!!!


Good Idea. Along the same lines to some extent provide stats on how many goods, defense/siege armies placed, and gvg battles have been won by each player in the guild. It really would be nice to know which guild members are contributing to the gvg efforts so the less visible contribution can be known and appreciated by the guild.


I believe this should be moved to 'Implemented', and closed.
. . . . mk


Well it is not really implemented. There are no points for placing units as DA


Well, just found this idea, a +1 score for the gaining of points for donation of units, however, the first part has been superseded by the recent change in the way points are awarded and is no longer relevant


Even though we now get points for goods donations it would also be nice to get them from placing defense armies, it costs individual players units after all. +1