GvG - Basically dead all latest eras?

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  1. Sp32

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    Feb 27, 2014
    So it has come to my attention that some guilds are just recapping the beach sectors every day at reset, this happened for months upon months with a guild that was almost bot-like routine recapping their beaches, honestly, months every day reset straight away recap.. I guess you could say to me well I could just go against them and try to beat them before they recap, sure, but having to login at a certain time when you have a family etc, not practical in the slightest. Even if I do beat them, I can take 3 sectors before the next reset happens and I will lose due to sheer numbers. I guess I can fix that by being more of a nice friendly guy, but I'm not a believer of miracles.

    So I look elsewhere, I mostly battle in AA, oh wait, every single sector by every guild is now spears, wow, that's one big fundamental flaw in the AA side of GvG.

    GvG in a nutshell is basically fill all sectors with spears, get as many people as you can and recap every day, this is made even more ridiculous by the fact that you can only move your HQ once, I know when GvG came out people were moving their HQ everywhere and it was causing problems but those problems were a lot better than having 80 spears in every single god damn sector.

    I'm ranked around #30 on Dinegu and I'm wondering why I am bothering to level terracotta army/attack GB's as all I ever have to face is spears.

    So I check tomorrow/the future eras, and wow, every sector has 1 army placed in it, so I do 3 sieges and that's the end of that, my 30 battle massacre is over.

    May I mention that these big guilds will just fill their own sectors up with champions and then auto against these champions the following day after reset to just get a never ending amount of points without doing anything... I remember in call of duty people would team up and agree to be shot in the head 10,000 times so the other person could get a gold gun, sure it's not cheating, but jesus christ if you're going to exploit every little aspect of the game, you should probably not play games, again, I'm probably a sore loser right?

    Some guy on Dinegu literally attacked his own champions for months and rose to the top because of it, to a point where he doesn't even battle other guilds, just recaps that lovely champion sector whilst being protected by all those beach recaps, excellent.

    After about 5 years I just see no future to this game.

    The winter event is very lovely and the graphics are phenomenal, it's a shame GvG has been abandoned.

    I get what these guilds are doing is logical and makes sense for them to keep majority of the land whilst gaining infinite points from your own champion filled sectors, but surely we can improve this by reverting the HQ move cap or implementing something?

    The whole "You have to be online every day at 8pm" experience, I did, I did for months, and yeah my guild was top of AA throughout those months until I realised I am watching a map 24/7 with no return in terms of individual player points, it became redundant, completely obsolete.

    I want some sort of use for all my units in my inventory, what's the point in having thousands of units if you can never actually use them? Baffled.

    I'm guessing this has been touched on by other players, I saw a GvG thread but it seems that went off-topic and died and I don't think it pertained to my queries anyway

    The last time I came on this forum I was met by some rather nasty individuals who can't express disagreement without being inflammatory, so please, constructive criticism of my concerns if someone actually cares enough to read this little life story I just typed up.

    If you disagree with any of my suggestions please explain why so I can understand your viewpoint, I do not think I am in the right and I do not believe everything should be done the Sp32 way, but the current way has killed GvG.

    Thanks, hope you are all having a fantastic week!
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    Jan 2, 2017
    yes I totally agree with you it is the same in brisgard was sitting in the no 2 spot then all of a sudden everyone in the guilds of swords of honour and nochi vucovi are dropping land on sectors that cant be touched I class this as cheating GVG was meant for GUILD versus GUILD not GUILD versus itself very annoyed at this sort of tactic hope you read this soverign ad get inno to pull their finger out and get it sorted
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  3. Blitz Epidemic

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    Sep 19, 2014
    I agree the recapping thing is a bad fix to a major problem in the past, if you drop a sector you should have to wait a certain period of time before being allowed to attack it again....but that will cause major problems if you don't fix the other issues at the same time.

    I think the #1 reason sectors are filled with only 1 DA, the siege army, is because sectors are switching hands daily and it becomes too costly to keep them overtime.

    The issue with attacking your own armies for points can easily be fixed by Inno, simply code it so no points are given to any battle where your guild placed those DAs.

    I'd like to see a limit on the # of sectors any guild can possess on a map, a limit on how stretched out a guild can become (this will prevent guilds from denying NPC sectors to others), a limit to the # of sieges a guild that is not on the map can place, an end to 24 hr sieges (make it only 8 hrs), a timeout for any guild wiped from the map (this will deter ghost guilds), a minimum standard for which guilds are allowed to participate (deters ghost), I can go on and on...
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    Feb 27, 2014
    Thank you both for taking the time to read my concerns and reply in a kind manner.

    @sooby Yeah it sounds like they are privatising GvG to the clique

    @Blitz Epidemic - I think you have some really good suggestions... Ones I never even got close to coming up with.

    The no points if your guild placed the army seems ideal unless a guild used one of their "b" guilds to exchange champion sectors?

    The ending of the siege that people leave up constantly I think is also logical..

    Fascinating ideas.. Would enjoy if you did go on with your suggestions lol

    I think even after applying some fixes it is possible for new methods to essentially cheat the system will be available but it's stopping these severely negative methods as soon as they arise which hasn't always been top of the list of priorities as there were some issues that went unsolved for a while.

    It could possibly be an idea to introduce planes so we can land inland (lol) instead of on the beaches.. But then I guess people still wont bother filling sectors or they'll fill with spears..
  5. Chalinna

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    Jan 12, 2018
    It is a sad tendency indeed.
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  6. Mithrander

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    Aug 11, 2013
    So basically you are saying that we should all leave our hard earned sectors unprotected to suit your own personal time line, I don't think so.

    Yes some of us turn every single night and use whatever resources are to hand to protect our sectors and holdings.

    If you want some ground then turn up and fight for it like the rest of us, don't sit on the side lines and cry about it.

    Most players still just think it is a case of grabbing sectors and filling them and expecting no one to challenge you, well hello that is not how it works, you need to be here and protect your sectors.
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  7. Sp32

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    Feb 27, 2014
    Don't exactly see where I said that "We should all leave our hard earned sectors to suit Sp32's time line", What you mean is that my timeline should be limited to reset? You seem to be missing the point severely and then responding with a comment like "don't sit on the side lines and cry about it". Amazingly creative argumentative skills you seem to possess.

    Thanks for the tip on explaining how GvG works for me too, really appreciate that, I thought we were supposed to go unchallenged.

    There is a difference between challenging someone and recapping every beach sector, which I could only assume you/your guild does for such the hostile reply.

    Having 80 armies to conquer in a sector is obsolete with your type of guild, because your guild will fill all of your sectors up with 1 set of spears then recap the beaches, so it is quite literally impossible to challenge you as you so eloquently put it.

    Yeah, you need to be online for 2 minutes to protect your sectors for 24 hours, once again; furthering my point. When the guild has 80 members online 10 of them frantically rush to their PC to try and make the reset time to stop the "challenge" of 1 individual, yeah, I can see how you're totally up for a challenge, looool.

    I have a feeling you don't even know what you want, or that you ignored the life story I typed up and just wanted to find another individual to dislike you.

    You state I want everyone to leave hard earned sectors unprotected? - Then you say "People expect you to fill sectors up and no one to challenge you"... You aren't being challenged by recapping beach sectors at reset, you are stopping the challenge entirely, but I kind of accept there is no talking to someone of your nature after reading other threads. People like you are scared of a challenge so it's recap all sectors ASAP whilst leaving a siege on the sectors behind it with your b, c and d guilds to ensure if someone lands they're stuck on the beach etc. You can't handle a challenge which is why you dedicate your life to turning up at reset every day to protect your "Hard earned sectors" lol oh god, this is just getting more hilarious as I go on.

    Your viewpoint and argument literally make my brain hurt. (If you want to believe it's because I can't understand what you said then by all means, take the ball and run with it).

    On a final foot note, I want to battle, I'm not "crying" because I can't handle the challenge, I'm "crying" because there is no challenge to take on, no one can handle the Sp32 man

    FYI, please don't respond if you can't follow the simple, easy instruction:

    Hopefully the boldness will help you read this time.

    EDIT: Better make it yellow too... Just in case.

    EDIT: Extra lolz because I foresaw the "cry" comment in my OP but Mithderp must have skipped over.

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