New Idea: GvG 2.0 / Conquer Guild Cities

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    Jun 19, 2015
    Proposal: A more enhanced version of GvG where 1 guild can attack another Guilds City (lets call it GC), the GC is a city that can be started by the guild, lets say a guild can choose 1 of 3 ages, & for the sake of this idea they are Late Middle Age / Industrial Age / Contemporary Age

    Let's say you choose Late Middle Age, the Guild founder or whoever is given the ability has a small area (like when you first start) to build only the buildings from the LMA.
    [Don't be a tool and point out that there is not enough houses, it's just an example]
    • Any and all LMA buildings & decorations can be built here
    • Goods made here in the GC go into it's own Treasury
    • There has to be a maximum amount of units, lets say 100
    • Only 1 type of military unit can be built, however you can recruit up to 20 units from it
    • 5 military buildings with 20 units each makes 100 units
    • The 100 units can be sent to other guilds GC to attack
    • The GC can be defended by guild members own units, up to 100
    • The 100 defending units can only be placed in defence after the other 100 have been sent on an attack
    • If 50 units are sent to attack, 50 are left behind, so only 50 units can be sent to defend
    • If the attacking army is victorious and all enemy units dead, the city is conquered
    • If conquered, the attacking army can stay or be sent back, either way the new city needs 100 units...
    • If the attack is a failure, the only units protecting their home city are the defenders sent by the guild.
    • If the guild of the newly conquered villa has another GC, they can send an attack and possibly retake it
    • Just like how scouting takes time, sending an attacking army also takes time, depending on location
    • If you want out of the age your in, Abandon your city and start in a new Age
    • Could last for 1 or 2 months, after which the winner is crowned...
    • Could last 6+ months... or end when all guild cities have been conquered
    • Buildings could receive damage and require repairing or rebuilding
    • Maybe people can add LMA stuff from their own treasury

    Reason: I had a though...8-)

    Details: look up ^

    Visual Aids: maybe something later

    Balance: Without knowing the inner workings of foe as well as it's future, I think the people getting payed can work out the well as more details.

    Abuse Prevention: Just tweak anything that could be abused and TADAA!!! Abuse prevented...
    By the way, there's already lots of "abuse" in the game...

    Summary: The Guild has a communal city that can attack other guilds communal cities and conquer them, acquiring city after city and growing until they rule the land and are crowned winners...
    There are numerous ways this could be implemented or changed to fit in, whether it replaces the current GvG or is something separate like GE...

    Still not 100% on things but wanted to start the idea while I had the thought, I may add things later
  2. HRC

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    Apr 13, 2012
    Very interesting and I think we need to debate this a few days and with lots of feed back repost a final "idea" but I think i like the idea but it a very big idea and we need some more meat on those bones but at this stage i would say it could work.

    some questions:
    how do you rejoin if you are kicked
    i am assuming 1 really active guild could take over this whole area
  3. LAB21

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    Jun 19, 2015

    I assume you mean losing your city - If your city is conquered, you have the choice to re-enter the age you were in or start in a new age, depending on how long the "GC" lasts (1,2,3 months?) you could still re-enter the same age, starting in a new location and try to climb to the top or at the very least attack your conquerors for revenge. If you start in a new age you would obviously have a shorter time to do things, but depending on the conflicts that have taken place there, winning or getting a high rank would be possible possible.

    Any player or guild MORE active than any other will always be bigger...
    • A guild could have a maximum of 4 cities (4x20=80)
    • A guild with less than 80 can still have 4 cities
    • Most likely not all members of a guild would participate (unless their rule says mandatory)
    • If all 80 members of a guild control an army, that number is X
    • If all 40 members of a guild control an army, that number is 2x X
    • If the max number of units 1 person can control is 8 , then the max starting number of units is 640 (8x80)
    • Day 1 or the first 40hours (because of the timezones) could be enough time to recruit all 640 units
    • perhaps you only get 5 hours notice of an incoming attack...
    • perhaps members can send up to 640 unattached units while the other 640 are attacking
    • Recruitment times for the units in the GC could be faster, and the same for EVERYONE
    • Apart from usual game play - PvP, GvG & GE are optional, just like can play any or all.
    • It may be difficult for a guild with 1 or 2 people - but they will still have the same recruitment time & unit numbers...
    • GvG is impossible with a very small guild, GE as well. But GC would be a lot more balanced

    still not sure what to call it...
    GC = Guild Conquer
    CvC = City Vs City
  4. HRC

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    Apr 13, 2012
    a small concern in that it looks like a race to build troops and capture an area, so the guild which can build fasted wins, maybe too much of a diamond race?
  5. LAB21

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    Jun 19, 2015
    if recruitment speed is the SAME - it's not a race.
    Since the first 24-35h* has no fighting, just building the city and recruiting units to battle, using diamonds would be 100% pointless.

    People spend diamonds on themselves, they would be less likely to spend them on a communal city & its units, particularly if they think they would NOT get anything back, If they use diamonds it won't be in the first 2 days...
    Diamonds can be used all over foe, from units to GBs. There will always be the "Diamond Users" & the "Non Diamond Users".
    And if this idea - however implemented - becomes a reality, then the whole point of BETA would/should work out all the kinks...
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  6. LAB21

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    Jun 19, 2015
    Like GE, it's about point gained from fighting & unlike GE it's people Vs people.
    It's not just the points you get from acquiring another city, it the points from the surviving units, the more unit the more points.
    If you don't attack anyone, your only points will be that of your city - not enough to place 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
    • It's more about fighting skills and strategy, particularly if there is no auto fight...
  7. HRC

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    Apr 13, 2012
    so my boost from the tavern to speed up my troops would not work?
    what about the 28% boost i get from my guilds levels to speed up my troop build?

    So lots to be done but the principle I like and I like a no auto area for sure
  8. LAB21

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    Jun 19, 2015
    nothing's set in stone...kinks can be worked out...

    100% would be the base amount, +10%/20%/30% attack from the tavern could still be possible, as well as defence.
    Attack & Defence boosts from GBs etc doesn't have to apply EVERYWHERE...
    If everyone is at 100% to start with, it's a level playing field, it balances things out more between big & small players & big & small guilds,
    and winning or losing comes down to intellect - not size.

    100% attack+30% defence vs 130% attack, 100% vs 130% - it's not too lopsided

    And depending on the battle mechanics and other things, maybe some tactics like Gorilla Warfare - sending 5 or 10 units, and trying to kill a few enemies before retreating - rather than sending your full force...
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    Aug 8, 2013