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Guild Wars Proposition

Amy Steele

I'm reposting/quoting this post from Griefental World Forum solely in my capacity as a Founder of a guild on Houndsmoor and not in my capacity as a Senior Moderator. I am 100% behind this idea and would love to see it adopted across all worlds, but do not play on Griefental and therefore did not feel qualified to post in that thread. I have quoted the post verbatim but am of course here addressing my fellow guild founders and leaders on Houndsmoor.

(I post this in a player capacity and my position of Senior Moderator is irrelevant in regards this post)

To all fellow players that play on Greifental.....

As we all know, the "tactic" of using "ghost guilds" is ruining GvG for all of us and is sucking the enjoyment out of playing and is costing us all dearly. The support team cannot interfere as it is not strictly against the rules, which personally, I think is a huge mistake by the Innogames managers, no disrespect of course, just stating my opinion.

I therefore propose that we, the players, make a stand and agree together not to use this under-hand and enjoyment sucking loop-hole and I would therefore ask guild leaders to consider a GvG Treaty - like a FoE version of the Geneva Convention if you like!

Because of the extent of this problem, it won't be any good having one or two guilds sign up and see who signs up first, we need to make the decision together to create a fairer, more enjoyable game for us all. For guilds with "Sister Guilds", for example, Kingdom Hearts 1, Kingdom Hearts 2, etc. The entire guild must sign up if they choose to do so; it would defeat the objective to have 2 out of 4 sisters guilds sign up.

To be clear, my proposition is to boycott the use of creating a guild that is used to besiege an owned sector with the intention of releasing the sector from ownership by all guilds. This action provides no advantage to the attacking guild and is utilised purely to damage other guilds with virtually no cost. This is NOT an alliance proposition and any guilds that sign up may be attacked by any established guild. Players that break this agreement can be publicly named and shamed and I would suggest that any player breaking the agreement be ejected from their guild and signed-up guilds refuse to recruit that player to their guild.

Together we can stand up and ensure a fairer and more enjoyable GvG experience for us all.

For now, this thread is to guage the potential of this agreement and if there is enough agreement to make it feasible, then a new thread will be created to officially sign guilds into the treaty.

Please post below if your guild would be willing to join this treaty and post any other conditions you would want to be considered. Please can we stick to guild leaders/founders posting to ensure someone of suitable responsibility is expressing this intention.
I ask that those founders/leaders of Houndsmoor guilds give their consideration to this treaty and post their responses in this thread.
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Sadly, I do not understand exactly what a "ghost guild" is. Nor do I understand their purpose. I have heard mention of them in Houndsmoor and understand the general hatred toward them.

I, as the representative for "Company of Heroes" (Formerly the Knights of Oblivion) will absolutely support any efforts that foster fair play within Houndsmoor and FOE in general.

You can count on our support

Company of Heroes


Hi everyone - picked up this thread while having a look around the forum. Could someone actually tell me what a ghost guild is and does? Many thanks.


Hi everyone - picked up this thread while having a look around the forum. Could someone actually tell me what a ghost guild is and does? Many thanks.
"Ghost guild" is a term for a guild that's formed for a brief period specifically to attack other guilds' hexes without incurring high siege costs. These guilds normally dissolve after they've taken the hexes they've targeted, since their aim isn't to gain territory but simply to damage other guilds. They're called "ghosts" because they disappear after their attacks.

"Demolition guilds" similarly take over other guilds' hexes and then release them, just for the fun (or "fun") of it, but they don't dissolve immediately.

These terms should be clarified in the GvG Guides, so you might want to look in the "guides" section of the forum for those.