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Update Guild vs Guild Recalculation Timer Changes

the thing that makes me wonder that they will do away with gvg is the wording at the start of battlefields thread even though they say in red its going to work alongside gbg,i'm starting on a new server and world on the basis of that in red statement,i'm trusting them to keep their word
the little i've done on rugnir lately it all seams fine but of course i can only do 1 reset on this server,i'd sooner have gvg with faults than none at all as long as i can do all recalcs/resets,the US server suits me better i'm from UK,the poop will hit the fan when they bring the 3 resets to US server with nearly twice as many playing it and theyll have to get up at 4am,i'll be ok though lol
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Warrant Officer
Conclusion and proposal about 8h recalc time.

1. This new 8h recalc are very time consuming, but still it can be done TILL new Guild Battleground comes.
When we will have GbG + 8h GvG it will be pure un playable and not enjoyable anymore TILL we cant play GvG on mobiles. GvG will never go on mobiles so my proposal are:

-revert GvG to 24h recalc now or at least when GbG will come to live EN servers, because of fact that we cant play GvG on mobiles, and with 8h recalc time + GbG you need to have it on mobile, so this was the biggest mistake what inno could made, now its clearly everyone see that.
So in this way we will have GvG for PC players and GbG for mobile+PC players and everyone will be happy with it.
The decission about happy or unhappy players is in Inno hands now.

When would other servers get 8h recalc (like it is on EN)? Would it be at the same time when GbG comes out, or EN server are now like Beta server, where Inno test the market and all us who is on EN are experimental bunnies? So we get something because of all that like players do on Beta, or our only option is to quit this game? Be aware that many who are playing GvG will be quiting or quit already, if inno not changes GvG shortly.
WANTED gvg peeps who are fed up with this servers new reset/calc times for a project on US server new world Birka and to form a guild
the one recalc there at the moment works out at 2400/1am depending on the 1hr clock adjustments(uk time),when the 3 reset times hit the US servers you can work out the other 2 easily,,,contact me here or my name on Birka is Rob Poop,,,,the US worlds genraly have more players,the Birka world in just a few weeks has more doing it than the Rugnir EN world which has been going for 18/20months which makes it easier to do
i'm a uk player


Conclusion and proposal about 8h recalc time.

Be aware that many who are playing GvG will be quiting or quit already, if inno not changes GvG shortly.
That's true .. After more than a month, I saw that this was totally bad .. 1 calc I work, 2 calc sleep, 3 calc train (every other day) ..
So I don't have time to play. I appear after 2 days on the calculation, and by then 6 calculations have passed, totally crazy, I don't know what to do ..
I'm not interested in GbG, I'm here because I enjoy GvG ..
But this killed every enjoyment ..
I'm just thinking of deleting the city and quitting.
So if 8 hr recalc doesn't work for GVG, wait till 4hr reset comes for GbG :o
yeah i only play on PC i dont have a mobile i'd never get outside of house so gbg is kicked over back fence for me,the only way i can do gvg with hope of any success is to build another town on US server with more suitable recalc times


Warrant Officer
So if 8 hr recalc doesn't work for GVG, wait till 4hr reset comes for GbG :o
For GbG isnt problem, because you have phone near you all the time, but you are not carry your PC on your back right? And because you CANT play GvG on phone, this 8h recalc cant stay after 14.11.2019 hwen GbG will come...

So whats the offical word about 8h GvG recalc? Will be launched on ALL live servers or not? Pls, pls someone need to know something, if not, then please change your job everyone who are dealing with this issue. Thank you.


Its been killed
Needs to change to 2 x 12hrs with protection lasting only 12 hrs .If has to be 3 resets then need flags to show countdown ie 1 for 8hrs left and 2 for 18 hrs at the very least .There is no point adding Das to any sectors and will soon be rogues used for sieging and das Specail event buildings an traders have thron the attck boosts right up in the air and yet no changes to Sector Defence boosts either .If defence boost a lot stronger to come into line players attack then possibilty of more das being used .However once GBG starts are there going to be any troops going spare to fill Das up anyway
All changed for a few smaller guilds who were moaning they couldnt get on the map ....Where are they though as still no sign of them as far as I can see

klods hans

All changed for a few smaller guilds who were moaning they couldnt get on the map ....Where are they though as still no sign of them as far as I can see
They still can't get on the maps. Bigger guilds will still crush them in no time, if they try. Nothing has changed in that regard.
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FoE is no longer fun :(
what was once a place to pop on and play on your own time has now been filled with sooo many timers and countdowns its more of a chore. Why should our life revolve around a game? it should be the other way around. So many are complaining about 8 hr resets, and with GbG looming in the background folks are already saying that this new "feature" is another item that will suck up their time and will be quitting.

And saying that there is nothing that says you have to do it, that's true, but the most vocal people of the game seem to genuinely care for the game, and want to be the best in it, or take their guild to the top. If your sole purpose is getting personal points, then the 3x resets is perfect for you (and completely opposite to what its intentions were for).

Sad part is people blame the devs on these "features" .. its not them .. its management that tells them what to do. Devs just seem to release it a bit buggy, or break something else (ie whisper). I wonder if senior leadership in Inno even play FoE, and see how much of chore it has become. To that point, i wonder if they even see any of these messages.


Sad part is people blame the devs on these "features" .. its not them .. its management that tells them what to do.
It's players who requested those changes for years, and that had to slowly creep up to game designers (or product/project owners, or managers or whoever decides in Inno on stuff like this) to finally get implemented.
i wish i had discoverd US server before i started on rugnir over 18mths ago,being on that server for me is changing game to suit me and not having to change my lifestyle to carry on playing here with the 3 resets
i think the gbg is management and is just to make money like the rest of the addons,i'll only be doing moderate GE same as always the rest will get dr marten boot lol


to point out... Lords of War love the 8h resets
is it harder? yes
does it require more proper planing of your strategy?
yes, is it expensive on units and goods? yes but on the other side it's cheaper on units as now you don't need DA's, but that defeats the purpose of DA's and defending, guilds now just need to focus on attacking and securing more shields then what they lose at reset and maintain guild prestige, siege costs should probably be reduced as unless there is a constant flux of new players on the server, the lower age treasuries will quickly be totally depleted and there will be no way to produce new goods for those treasuries ... but ....

is the new GvG better? HELL YES

why is the new GvG better? because now, players from all time zones can play GvG, and have a opportunity to do so, also with proper planing of placing shields and proper planing of HQ moves you can even do GvG off reset and be effective at it, before that was impossible, also guilds that were never before able to score Top 1 days have managed to get Top 1 days when the current top guilds get hard hit by someone, that was also impossible before

when there were 24h resets, everyone cried that the 24h reset thing doesn't work as guilds who had most GMT+0+1+2+3 players were dominant, and dominant guilds would just release and re-shield their beach sectors to keep them safe and losing guild used that as a excuse for their failures, and bragged upfront that they would destroy those 24h reset dominant guilds once 8h resets came ... then 8h resets came, and things didn't go as planned for those who complained about 24h resets, because the fact that resets changed from 24h to 8h doesn't change the fact that the number of active fighters does matter, and that having a good GvG leader who can wrap his head around making a good strategy and make proper plans and leave instructions for his fighters to fight matters even more ....

Inno can't make everyone happy, what ever change they introduce, the losing guilds will still complain and will blame Inno for their own failure, and guilds with a good GvG leader and enough fighters will stay dominant no matter what change there is introduced ... people need to start being realistic about things, and the reality is what I said above and nothing will ever change that....

what Inno needs to think about is
1. reducing siege costs
2. sorting a way to track what shields drop, but hint, there is a way to track them, Lords of War have successfully tracked which shields drop at which reset with minor and not to often mistakes and it doesn't involve screenshots, people just need to figure out how and i surely wont share how so that we would keep the advantage on our server
3. with inclusion of Battlegrounds maintaining unit count will become even more harder then before, I personally have a level 102 Traz at 100 units daily, and I attend 2 resets daily (12 PM and 8 PM) and I am unable to recover my units, I have a total of 150 various units, and 300 rogues, max i can manage to build / stock up is 250-300 units and 400-500 rogues and that's if i manage to not fight for 1-2 days or when i decide to negotiate entire GE from level 1 to end of level 4, managing unit count with GvG+GE+Battlegrounds+PvP is practically impossible, and is killing our ability to play other aspects of the game, we need more GB's that produce daily units, or the Unit count per level on Traz needs to drastically be increased .... as a matter of fact, I have calculated that it is cheaper for me to delete my Traz and mass level it to level 102 again and then I will get more units then if I build it up from level 102 to level 140 ... eg the price of lvl 1 to 102 is cheaper and gives more units (trough a mass level) then mass leveling from level 102-140 .. which honestly makes no sense at all


much worse, bigger guilds have the players to use all 3 resets and as such are doing better then before, so the smaller ones have even less chance to get on
I have just commented on these type of excuses in https://forum.en.forgeofempires.com...recalculation-timer-changes.38105/post-398865 ....

on the contrary, lower guilds are now more successful then ever before and managed to score top 1 days, they couldn't do that before... but i do understand that someone who can't sit down and develop a proper strategy will only continue to complain and troll the update ... you will never be happy, as you will never reach the top, but the reason for that is not Inno's updates to the game, the reason for that is you not sitting down and thinking on developing a proper strategy, when the updates came we dropped all land, it took us 1 week to develop a new proper strategy and since then we are back on the top and staying dominant ...

some like Apoc players have even wen't so far to split their guild in to 10 different ghost guilds to take us down, and still fail at doing so, 1 man ghost guilds or even 5 player ghost guilds can't be efficient as a full guild of fighters, they can do some minor damage, but they can't possibly sustain vs 30 fighters, plus they are limited on ages they can play in and ghost in, because Ghosting Guilds usually do not have lower age treasuries, they just focus on ghosting in AA, and let me ask you all, what is the point in Ghosting in AA? medals will never run out with players using 190% support and donating medals to the treasury


does it require more proper planing of your strategy?
What is strategy for you ? shield/reshield 1/8 sector every 16hrs ??
For this boring GvG lev 10 alcatraz is enough..
No more proper fights..
I cant remember when we hit 8/8 sector , no one use defence anymore , no more planning , just shield what you have close and that is all ..
it amazes me that you have 100 troops a day and you like this ..
Where do you spend all that army , on emptying LZs ? that is only way for doing more fight now..


on the contrary, lower guilds are now more successful then ever before and managed to score top 1 days, they couldn't do that before...
'Lower Guilds'
Each guild was lowest, but the point is to build a guild every day to be the strongest. And to be the best.
And not that smaller guilds are just waiting for something to help them to be the first...
And I'm sure this is a lot harder for smaller guilds now ..
lower guilds can take part even on AA map(east nagach) as i've proved in last few weeks/months even as low as EMA units and have fun at same time,you can grab a couple of sectors if you keep your eyes open,get one it gives a big boost to guild,only for a short time but it all helps